Analysis of the Junction Properties of C/GaSe<sub>0.5</sub>S<sub>0.5</sub>/C Back-to-Back Schottky-Type Photodetectors

Khanfar, Hazem K.
Qasrawi, Atef F.
Hasanlı, Nızamı
In this paper, a C/GaSe0.5S0.5/C metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector is suggested and described. The device is explored by means of current-voltage and capacitance-voltage (C-V) characteristics under different photoexcitation intensities. It was observed that the design of the back-to-back Schottky device has reduced the dark current of the normal Ag/GaSe0.5S0.5/C Schottky diode by 13 times and increased the photosensitivity from 3.8 to similar to 2.1x10(3). The device exhibited a barrier height of 0.842 eV in the dark. The barrier height is reduced via photoexcitation. In addition, the C/GaSe0.5S0.5/C device exhibited an ON/OFF switching property from low injection OFF to high injection ON at specific biasing voltages. This voltage decreased with the increasing illumination intensity. On the other hand, the C-V characteristics of the device, which was recorded for an ac input signal with 100 MHz at different levels of photoexcitation shifted up when the intensity of light was increased. When the same measurement was repeated at signal frequency of 1.6 GHz, the C-V characteristics reflected a different level of capacitance response. These features of C/GaSe0.5S0.5/C photodetectors nominate the device to be used as multipurpose optical switches being suitable to store different levels of electromagnetic energy at microwave frequencies.
IEEE Sensors Journal


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