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intI1 Type Mobile Genetic Elements Co-selected Antibiotic-Resistant Genes in Untreated Hospital Wastewaters
Kayali, Osman; İçgen, Bülent (2021-01-01)
Dissemination of antibiotic-resistant genes (ARGs) from hospital wastewaters (HWWs) is facilitated by the horizontal gene transfer (HGT) and involves association of ARGs with mobile genetic elements (MGEs). In our previous...
Monorhamnolipids Predominance among Kerosene Degraders
Aydin, Dilan Camille; İçgen, Bülent (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2020-06-01)
Rhamnolipids, produced during biodegradation, enhance the removal of hydrocarbons by decreasing the surface tension and increasing the bioavailability. Unlike the synthetic surfactants, rhamnolipids are very promising for ...
Removal of antibiotic resistance genes in various water resources recovery facilities
Kucukunsal, Serkan; İçgen, Bülent (Wiley, 2020-06-01)
Water resources recovery facilities (WWTPs) are hotspots for antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) and pose a significant threat to environments. Therefore, ARG removal efficiencies of WWTPs are of great importance. In this s...
Untreated HWWs Emerged as Hotpots for ARGs
Kayali, Osman; İçgen, Bülent (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-03-01)
Hospital wastewaters (HWWs) are reported to be hotspots for antibiotics and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. However, limited information involves the impact of these effluents on dissemination of antibiotic-resistance genes...
Behavior of sulfate-reducing bacteria in single-stage anaerobic digesters pretreated with ozone
Tuncay, Sera; Akcakaya, Merve; İçgen, Bülent (null; 2019-10-28)
Anaerobic digestion is a solid stabilization process commonly used at both municipal and industrial wastewater and sludge treatment. Anaerobic digesters convert the microbiological cells and other solids generated during t...
Observation of primary parameters in two-stage anaerobic digesters under unsteady-state condition
Akcakaya, Merve; Tuncay, Sera; İçgen, Bülent (null; 2019-10-24)
Aerobic Bacterial Degraders With Their Relative Pathways for Efficient Removal of Individual BTEX Compounds
Yavas, Alper; İçgen, Bülent (Wiley, 2018-11-01)
Benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene (BTEX) compounds are of great environmental concern due to their toxicity and carcinogenicity. Bacterial removal of BTEX has proven to be highly efficient, cost-effective, and non...
Impact of sequencing batch reactor type wastewater treatment plants on the removal of Giardia
Akçakaya, Merve; İçgen, Bülent (null; 2018-10-28)
Evaluation of the chloramphenicol resistance dissemination in untreated hospital wastewaters
Kayalı, Osman; İçgen, Bülent (null; 2018-10-28)
Aminoglycoside resistance genes treated by sequencing batch reactor type wastewater treatment plants
Tuncay, Sera; Kucukunsal, Serkan; İçgen, Bülent (2018-09-23)
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