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A 2d Frame Element Taking Into Account Semi-Rigidity At Column Bases, Brace Ends Beam To Column Connections In Steel Structures
Özel, Halil Fırat; Sarıtaş, Afşin (null; 2017-10-05)
In this paper, a force-based 2D frame element formulation with spread of inelasticity through the element and localized semi-rigid connections at beam, brace and column base regions is presented. Inelasticity along member ...
Free vibration characteristics of a 3d mixed formulation beam element with force-based consistent mass matrix
Soydas, Ozan; Sarıtaş, Afşin (2017-09-01)
In this analytical study, free vibration analyses of a 3d mixed formulation beam element are performed by adopting force-based consistent mass matrix that incorporates shear and rotary inertia effects. The force-based appr...
Consistent matrices for steel framed structures with semi-rigid connections accounting for shear deformation and rotary inertia effects
ÖZEL, HALİL FIRAT; Sarıtaş, Afşin; Tasbahji, Tayseer (2017-04-15)
Estimation of vibration characteristics and thus the seismic loads acted on steel framed structures are influenced by the presence of semi-rigid connections and accurate modeling of shear deformations and rotary inertia ef...
Hybrid finite element for analysis of functionally graded beams
Sarıtaş, Afşin; Gurol, Tolga; Soydas, Ozan (2017-01-01)
A hybrid finite element model is presented, where stiffness and mass distributions over a beam with functionally graded material (FGM) are accurately modeled for both elastic and inelastic material responses. Von Mises and...
Three dimensional frame element formulation for nonlinear analysis of semi rigid steel structures
Özel, Halil Fırat; Sarıtaş, Afşin; Karakaş, Zafer (null; 2016-09-21)
In this paper, a force-based three-dimensional frame finite element formulation with spread of inelasticity through the element and localized nonlinear semi-rigid connections is developed. The proposed model utilizes Euler...
Capturing inelastic coupling of internal forces and exact vibration frequencies for 3 d Timoshenko beam finite elements
Soydaş, Ozan; Sarıtaş, Afşin (null; 2016-08-28)
A three dimensional (3d) nonlinear frame finite element based on Timoshenko beam theory is presented in this analytical study by utilizing Hu-Washizu principle with displacement, strain and stress independent fields in the...
Wind loads acting on solar panels in a row by CFD analysis
Uslu, Veysel Emre; Sarıtaş, Afşin; Uzol, Oğuz (null; 2016-08-28)
Wind loads acting on ground mounted solar panels are studied by computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis. In order to investigate wind loads acting on these panels, steady state SST k- turbulence model is consid...
Finite element model with semi rigid connections for vibration assessment of steel moment resisting framed structures
Özel, Halil Fırat; Sarıtaş, Afşin; Tasbajı, Tayseer (2016-06-01)
In this paper, a mixed formulation frame finite element with semi-rigid connections is developed. Consistent mass matrix of the element is obtained such that determination of vibration frequencies of members with varying g...
Comparison of chevron and suspended-zipper braced steel frames
Ozcelik, Yigit; Sarıtaş, Afşin; Clayton, Patricia M. (2016-03-01)
Suspended-zipper braced frame is a modified configuration of chevron braced frame in which zipper columns are added between story beams and a hat truss is attached between top two stories in order to redistribute the unbal...
Stress strain behaviour of structural lightweight concrete under confinement
Şenel, Mehmet Ali; Tasbahjı, Tayseer; Turanlı, Lutfullah; Sarıtaş, Afşin (null; 2015-12-11)
: In this study, stress-strain behavior of structural lightweight concrete is studied under unconfined and confined conditions. To this end, the use of naturally occurring perlite material as lightweight aggregate and ceme...
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