A 2d Frame Element Taking Into Account Semi-Rigidity At Column Bases, Brace Ends Beam To Column Connections In Steel Structures

Özel, Halil Fırat
Sarıtaş, Afşin
In this paper, a force-based 2D frame element formulation with spread of inelasticity through the element and localized semi-rigid connections at beam, brace and column base regions is presented. Inelasticity along member lengths is captured through fiber discretization of monitoring sections; furthermore, defining any type of semi-rigid connection along element length does not require introduction of additional nodes and degrees of freedom to the system. An accurate shear correction coefficient for wide flange sections is also taken into account in order to get closer match of shear effects with respect to exact solutions. The proposed element is designated for the performance based analysis of steel structures, since considering the presence of semi-rigid connections at beam column, column base and brace end regions through analyses will provide more realistic representation of the actual behavior of a structure. The proposed model is tested through available analysis program for validation purpose of gusset plate flexibility on brace ends in frames and the effect of the semi-rigidity on column bases with altering beam to column connection flexibility.