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Stability of acidified milk drinks: Comparison of high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) and thermal treatments
Tirpanci, Bige; Özel, Barış; Oztop, Mecit Halil; Alpas, Hami (2023-02-01)
© 2022 Elsevier LtdThere is a search for effective stabiliser activity and alternative pasteurisation techniques for acidified milk drinks (AMD). In the present study, AMD were prepared at three different pH (4.0, 4.5 and ...
Rheology of food hydrogels, and organogels
Özel, Barış; Öztop, Halil Mecit (Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2023-01-01)
Hydrogels and organogels are three-dimensional structures with the ability to retain large amounts of liquid in their networks. Hydrogels contain water as the liquid phase whereas organogels structure a nonpolar solvent. F...
Non-Conventional Time Domain (TD)-NMR Approaches for Food Quality: Case of Gelatin-Based Candies as a Model Food
Uguz, Sirvan Sultan; Özel, Barış; Grunin, Leonid; Ozvural, Emin Burcin; Oztop, Mecit H. (2022-10-01)
© 2022 by the authors.The TD-NMR technique mostly involves the use of T1 (spin-lattice) and T2 (spin-spin) relaxation times to explain the changes occurring in food systems. However, these relaxation times are affected by ...
Challenges in dried whey powder production: Quality problems
Özel, Barış; McClements, David Julian; Arikan, Cagatay; Kaner, Ozlem; Öztop, Halil Mecit (2022-10-01)
© 2022 Elsevier LtdWhey is a high nutritional value by-product of the dairy industry. It is generally produced in large quantities and its disposal as wastewater poses environmental risks. For this reason, whey streams are...
Solid State TD-NMR for Investigating the Quality of Whey Powder
Uğuz, Şirvan Sultan; Özel, Barış; Grunın, Leonıd; Kaner, Özlem; Arıkan, Çağatay; Yıldırım, Hüseyin Ata; Öztop, Halil Mecit (2022-07-10)
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) study of Palm Kernel Stearin: Effects of cooling rate on crystallization behaviour
Okur, İlhami; Özel, Barış; Akbaş, Derya; İDE, SEMRA; Alpas, Hami; Öztop, Halil Mecit (2022-02-01)
In this study, effects of different cooling rates (0.5,3.3,4.7 and 6.9 degrees C/min) on the crystallization behavior of palm-kernel-stearin (PKS) were studied by low-field NMR relaxometry. According to results, solid fat ...
Investigation of the effects of high hydrostatic pressure on the functional properties of pea protein isolate
Kalayci, Asuhan; Özel, Barış; Öztop, Halil Mecit; Alpas, Hami (2022-01-01)
This study investigates the effects of high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) on some functional properties of pea protein isolate (PPI). HHP was combined with various temperature and pH conditions to investigate the combined eff...
A quick look to the use of time domain nuclear magnetic resonance relaxometry and magnetic resonance imaging for food quality applications
Özel, Barış; Öztop, Halil Mecit (2021-10-01)
Evaluation of food quality in industrial production is a major interest. Fast, reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use applications are required for on-line inspection of food products. With the recent advances in the fie...
Water Dynamics in Whey-Protein-Based Composite Hydrogels by Means of NMR Relaxometry
Özel, Barış; Wojciechowski, Milosz; Osuch, Maciej; Oztop, Mecit Halil (2021-09-01)
Whey-protein-isolate-based composite hydrogels with encapsulated black carrot (Daucus carota) extract were prepared by heat-induced gelation. The hydrogels were blended with gum tragacanth, pectin and xanthan gum polysacch...
The effects of pectin and wax on the characteristics of oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions
Elik, Aysel; Koçak Yanik, Derya; Özel, Barış; Öztop, Halil Mecit; Fahrettin, G.ö.ğ.ü.ş. (2021-01-01)
© 2021 Institute of Food Technologists®Abstract: The study was aimed to investigate characteristics of emulsion containing pectin, wax, maltodextrin, and carotenoid enriched flaxseed oil by means of stability, rheology, pa...
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