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TMVP-Friendly Primes for Efficient Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Taskin, Halil Kemal; Cenk, Murat (2020-12-03)
© 2020 IEEE.The need for faster and practical cryptography is a research topic for decades. In case of elliptic curve cryptography, which was proposed by Koblitz and Miller in 1985 as a more efficient alternative to RSA, t...
PLGAKD: A PUF-based Lightweight Group Authentication and Key Distribution Protocol
Yıldız, Hüsnü; Cenk, Murat; Onur, Ertan (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2020-11-01)
Securing Internet of Things (IoT) applications that collect and transport sensitive data by guaranteeing authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality is a critical challenge. Reducing computation and communication overhead...
A Parallel GPU Implementation of SWIFFTX
Ulu, Metin Evrim; Cenk, Murat (2020-01-01)
© 2020, Springer Nature Switzerland AG.The SWIFFTX algorithm is one of the candidates of SHA-3 Hash Competition that uses the number theoretic transform (NTT). It has 256-byte input blocks and 65-byte output blocks. In thi...
Efficient GeMSS Based Ring Signature Scheme
Demircioğlu, Murat; Akleylek, Sedat; Cenk, Murat (2019-06-18)
The ring signature scheme has an important usage area of public key crypto-system. It can be used for e-voting,as well as leaking information without revealing identity within a group. However, mostof these syst...
Compact and Simple RLWE Based Key Encapsulation Mechanism
Alkim, Erdem; Bilgin, Yusuf Alper; Cenk, Murat (2019-01-01)
n this paper, we propose a key encapsulation scheme based on NewHope and Kyber, two NIST post-quantum standardization project candidates. Our scheme is based on NewHope, thus it is simple and has fast implementation while ...
An improved algorithm for iterative matrix-vector multiplications over finite fields
Mangır, Ceyda; Cenk, Murat; Manguoğlu, Murat (2018-11-09)
Cryptographic computations such as factoring integers and computing discrete logarithms over finite fields require solving a large system of linear equations. When dealing with such systems iterative approaches such as Wie...
Karatsuba-like formulae and their associated techniques
Cenk, Murat (2018-09-01)
Efficient polynomial multiplication formulae are required for cryptographic computation. From elliptic curve cryptography to homomorphic encryption, many cryptographic systems need efficient multiplication formulae. The mo...
Data sharing under confidentiality
Başer, Erdem; Hülagu, Timur; Akyıldız, Ersan; Bilgen, Adnan; Cenk, Murat; Keskinkurt-paksoy, İrem; Kestel, Sevtap Ayşe (2018-08-31)
Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey presents an approach to address the data sharing dilemma of maximizing the benefit for academic research while ensuring compliance with applicable data confidentiality legislations. T...
Faster Residue Multiplication Modulo 521-bit Mersenne Prime and an Application to ECC
Ali, Shoukat; Cenk, Murat (2018-08-01)
We present faster algorithms for the residue multiplication modulo 521-bit Mersenne prime on 32- and 64-bit platforms by using Toeplitz matrix-vector product. The total arithmetic cost of our proposed algorithms is less th...
GUI Based Ring Signature Scheme
Akleylek, Sedat; Demircioğlu, Murat; Cenk, Murat (null; 2018-06-06)
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