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Price competition between manufacturers selling to a common retailer under stock-out-based substitution
Kılıç, Betül Diler; Karaer, Özgen; Bakal, İsmail Serdar (2022-12-01)
We consider two partially substitutable products sold through a two-echelon supply chain, consisting of two manufacturers and one retailer. In case of a stock-out in one of the products, that product's demand can spill ove...
After-sales service and warranty decisions of a durable goods manufacturer
Kirkizo, Zeynep; Karaer, Özgen (2022-12-01)
We study a monopolistic durable goods manufacturer that also provides a base warranty and after-sales services to her customers through a designated retailer. The customers evaluate the total cost of owner-ship of the prod...
Servitization as an alternative business model and its implications on product durability, profitability & environmental impact
Kanatlı, Mehmet Ali; Karaer, Özgen (2021-11-01)
Servitization is the activity of selling the services provided by the product rather than the product itself. It is a business model that might be environmentally superior to conventional selling. Servitization promises ac...
Supplier development in a multi-tier supply chain
Karaer, Özgen; Yalcin, Pinar (Informa UK Limited, 2019-10-16)
We examine how a buyer can use a full-control strategy and cost sharing to develop the sustainable quality capabilities of his tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers. In particular, we consider how the buyer?s development decisions a...
Karaer, Özgen (2019-06-01)
One of the main promises of Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) is reduction in inventory record inaccuracy at retail stores, and thus to help achieve inventory visibility in the system. In this paper, we inve...
Retail location competition under carbon penalty
Dilek, Hande; Karaer, Özgen; NADAR, EMRE (2018-08-16)
We study the retail location problem in a competitive linear market in which two retailers simultaneously choose their locations. Both retailers procure identical products from a common supplier and each consumer purchases...
Strategic Environmental Quality Investment in a Multi-Tier Supply Chain
Karaer, Özgen; Kraft, Tim (2017-10-22)
Buyer and Nonprofit Levers to Improve Supplier Environmental Performance
Karaer, Özgen; Khawam, John (2017-06-01)
Material IQ (MiQ) is a new decision tool designed by GreenBlue to help suppliers safely share sensitive chemical-toxicity data with their customers. As GreenBlue takes MiQ to market, it must determine under what market con...
Üreticilerin perakende satış noktasındaki raf yeri için rekabeti
Karaer, Özgen; Bakal, İsmail Serdar (null; 2016-07-13)
Perakende satış noktalarında ürün satışının sahip olunan raf alanlarına bağlı olarak oluşması üreticiler arasında bu raf yerlerine sahip olmak için bir rekabet ortamı oluşturur. Bu çalışma ile iki üreticinin perakendecinin...
Managing the Chemicals and Substances in Products and Supply Chains
Kraft, Tim; Karaer, Özgen; Sharpe, Kathryn (2016-07-01)
This chapter explores the challenges that companies face in managing the chemicals and substances found in their products and supply chains. The topic is presented from both a practice and an academic perspective. Based on...
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