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DeepDistance: A multi-task deep regression model for cell detection in inverted microscopy images
Koyuncu, Can Fahrettin; Gunesli, Gozde Nur; Atalay, Rengül; GÜNDÜZ DEMİR, Çiğdem (Elsevier BV, 2020-07-01)
This paper presents a new deep regression model, which we call DeepDistance, for cell detection in images acquired with inverted microscopy. This model considers cell detection as a task of finding most probable locations ...
Design, Synthesis and In Vitro Cytotoxic Activity of New 6,9-Disubstituted Purine Analogues
Kucukdumlu, Asligul; TUNÇBİLEK, MERAL; GÜVEN, EBRU BİLGET; Atalay, Rengül (2020-01-01)
A series of new 6,9-disubstituted purine analogs with 4-substituted piperazine at C-6 and 4-substituted benzyl at N-9 were designed and synthesized in four steps. All synthesized compounds (7-26) were screened initially fo...
Identification of small-molecule urea derivatives as novel NAMPT inhibitors via pharmacophore-based virtual screening
Ozgencil, Fikriye; EREN, GÖKÇEN; ÖZKAN, YEŞİM; GÜNTEKİN ERGÜN, SEZEN; Atalay, Rengül (Elsevier BV, 2020-01-01)
Nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase (NAMPT) catalyzes the condensation of nicotinamide (NAM) with 5-phosphoribosyl-1-prophosphate (PRPP) to yield nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), a rate limiting enzyme in a mammalian ...
Kahraman, Deniz Cansen; GÜVEN, EBRU BİLGET; Aytac, Peri; TOZKOPARAN KÖPRÜCÜ, BİRSEN; Atalay, Rengül (2019-10-01)
A visual object tracking benchmark for cell motility in time-lapse imaging
Demir, H. Seckin; Cetin, A. Enis; Atalay, Rengül (2019-09-01)
Automatic tracking of cells is a widely studied problem in various biomedical applications. Although there are numerous approaches for the video object tracking task in different contexts, the performance of these methods ...
CROssBAR: Comprehensive Resource of Biomedical Relations with Network Representations and Deep Learning
Joshi, Vishal; Doğan, Tunca; Atalay, Rengül; Martin, Maria-Jesus; Saidi, Rabie; Zellner, Hermann; Volynkin, Vladimir; Sinoplu, Esra; Atas, Heval; Nightingale, Andrew; Rifaioğlu, Ahmet Süreyya; Atalay, Mehmet Volkan (2019-07-21)
Biomedical information is scattered across different biological data resources, which are biologically related but only loosely linked to each other in terms of data connections. This hinders the applications of inte...
iBioProVis: Interactive Visualization and Analysis of Compound Bioactivity Space
Dönmez, Ataberk; Rifaioğlu, Ahmet Süreyya; Acar, Aybar Can; Doğan, Tunca; Martin, Maria Jesus; Atalay, Rengül; Atalay, Mehmet Volkan (2019-07-21)
Visualization and interpretation of high-dimensional chemical compound and target space is critical for better understanding of the mechanisms of bioactivity space and drug discovery process. Here, we describe iBio...
A new thiadiazine derivative induces oxidative stress dependent JNK pathway activation and cell death in hepatocellular carcinoma
Kahraman, Deniz Cansen; GÜVEN, EBRU BİLGET; TOZKOPARAN KÖPRÜCÜ, BİRSEN; Atalay, Rengül (2019-07-01)
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the fifth most common and the second lethal cancer worldwide. HCC is resistant to conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy due to its highly heterogenous structure. Therefore, it is cruc...
Pharmacophore modeling and virtual screening studies to identify novel selective SIRT2 inhibitors
EREN, GÖKÇEN; Bruno, Agostino; Guntekin-Ergun, Sezen; Atalay, Rengül; Ozgencil, Fikriye; ÖZKAN, YEŞİM; Gozelle, Mahmut; Kaya, Selen Gozde; Costantino, Gabriele (Elsevier BV, 2019-06-01)
Sirtuins (SIRTs) are a class of NAD(+)-dependent protein histone deacetylases (HDACs) that catalyse the reversible deacetylation of lysine residues in the histones or non-histone substrates. Mammalian sirtuins consist of s...
Synthesis of new derivatives of boehmeriasin A and their biological evaluation in liver cancer
Guzelcan, Ece Akhan; Baxendale, Ian R.; Atalay, Rengül; Baumann, Marcus (Elsevier BV, 2019-03-15)
Two series of boehmeriasin A analogs have been synthesized in short and high yielding processes providing derivatives differing either in the alkaloid's pentacyclic scaffold or its peripheral substitution pattern. These se...
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