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Graduate School of Marine Sciences
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Annual reproductive cycle of a successful Lessepsian immigrant in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, Pomadasys stridens (Forsskål, 1775) (Family: Haemulidae)
Eşkinat, Deniz; Gücü, Ali Cemal; Ok, Meltem (2023-01-01)
The striped piggy, Pomadasys stridens (Forsskål, 1775), is one of the successfully colonized Lessepsian immigrants entering the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal. This study was carried out to understand to what extent ...
Length-weight relationships of 28 fish species caught from demersal trawl survey in the Middle Black Sea, Turkey
Dagtekin, Murat; Genc, Yasar; Kasapoglu, Nazli; Erik, Gokhan; Misir, Devrim Selim; Ilhan, Salih; Ok, Meltem; Altuntas, Cemil; ÖZSANDIKÇI, UĞUR; Buyukdeveci, Ferhat; Kaya, Tugba; Cebeci, Ayse; Saltan, Asiye Nur; Hasimoglu, Atila; Firidin, Sirin; Ozdemir, Muhammed Dogan (2022-01-01)
This study provides updated the length-weight relationships and Fulton's condition factor of 28 fish species belonging to 23 families from the Black Sea. Samples were collected along the depths between 0-100 meters by deme...
New monitoring confirms regular breeding of the Mediterranean monk seal in Northern Cyprus
Beton, Damla; Broderick, Annette C.; Godley, Brendan J.; Kolac, Emre; Ok, Meltem; Snape, Robin T. E. (2021-07-01)
The Endangered Mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachus is one of the most threatened marine mammals. Across Cyprus, suitable habitat and presence of monk seals is well documented and, recently, camera-trap surveys in Sou...
Relative body condition of red mullet (Mullus barbatus) and its applicability as an indicator of environmental status
Gücü, Ali Cemal; Ünlüoğlu, Aydın; Ok, Meltem; Karakulak, Firdes Saadet; Aydin, Coskun Menderes; Sarigoz, Suleyman; Beken, Sevcan Colpan Polat (2021-06-01)
This study examines the ratio between length and body weight of 4191 specimens of a prevalent, tertiary tropic level Teleost fish, red mullet (Mullus barbatus) sampled using a standard survey protocol from more than 2500 k...
A story of how a critical habitat of an endangered species is lost: The Mediterranean monk seal in the Northeastern (NE) Mediterranean
Ok, Meltem; Gücü, Ali Cemal (2019-12-31)
Protecting breeding caves are of primary importance for the conservation of endangered Mediterranean monk seals (MMS). Despite this fact a large scale marine terminal serving to a cement factory was constructed just 500 me...
Recent status and fate of the north-eastern Mediterranean monk seal populations.
KURT, MERVE; Ok, Meltem; Gücü, Ali Cemal (2019-12-09)
The endangered Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus) is represented by approximately 350-450 individuals in Eastern Mediterranean waters in the form of small, fragmented and isolated groups. The North-eastern Mediter...
Diet of a Mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachus in a transitional post-weaning phase and its implications for the conservation of the species
Kirac, Cem Orkun; Ok, Meltem (2019-01-01)
The Mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachus is the most endangered pin-niped in the world and is considered Endangered by the IUCN. Transition from suckling to active feeding is a critical time in the development of all ...
Lessepsian impact on the native fish stocks- The case of red mullet in GSA 24
Gücü, Ali Cemal; Ok, Meltem (null; 2018-12-10)
Growth characteristic and distribution of cartilaginous species in the Black Sea
Fate of the Mediterranean monk seal: indicator of a healthy ecosystem
Kurt, Merve; Ok, Meltem; Gücü, Ali Cemal (null; 2018-12-10)
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