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Towards Development of a Model for Acceptance of Software Process Improvement Models in SMEs: Preliminary Findings
Durmuş, Suna; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi; Özcan Top, Özden (2021-06-01)
The software industry is playing a significant role in development of economies all over the world. It is mainly made up of small and medium software enterprises (SMEs). These companies aim to benefit from Software Process...
Challenges and Working Solutions in Agile Adaptation: Experiences from the Industry
Özcan Top, Özden; Demirörs, Onur; Mccaffery, Fergal (2020-11-11)
Challenges in agile adaptation is inevitable in software development projects and have to be dealt with by software practitioners. The pathway to ex- cellence in agility requires experience of challenges, failure of proces...
To what extent the medical device software regulations can be achieved with agile software development methods? XP-DSDM-Scrum
Özcan Top, Özden; McCaffery, Fergal (2019-08-01)
For medical device software development organizations, it is very challenging to maintain both conformance to the strict regulatory requirements enforced by the safety-critical nature of the domain and achieve efficiency i...
Application of a software agility assessment model - AgilityMod in the field
Özcan Top, Özden; Demirors, Onur (2019-02-01)
Adoption of agile values and principles and transformation of organizations towards agility are not easy and straightforward. Misinterpretation of agile principles and values, and adoption of partial solutions with few agi...
Catching up with Method and Process Practice: An Industry-Informed Baseline for Researchers
Kluender, Jil; Hebig, Regina; Tell, Paolo; Kuhrmann, Marco; Nakatumba-Nabende, Joyce; Heldal, Rogardt; Krusche, Stephan; Fazal-Baqaie, Masud; Felderer, Michael; Genero Bocco, Marcela Fabiana; Kuepper, Steffen; Licorish, Sherlock A.; Lopez, Gustavo; McCaffery, Fergal; Özcan Top, Özden; Prause, Christian R.; Prikladnicki, Rafael; Tuzun, Eray; Pfahl, Dietmar; et.al. (2019-01-01)
Software development methods are usually not applied by the book. Companies are under pressure to continuously deploy software products that meet market needs and stakeholders’ requests. To implement efficient and effectiv...
Adopting Agile in the Sports Domain: A Phased Approach
Callan-Crilly, Jennifer; Moynagh, Alan; Özcan Top, Özden; McCaffery, Fergal (2018-09-16)
Sports Science is a new and evolving industry. There is a great potential in this domain which will be realised by capturing and analysing the performance data of the elite athletes and displaying all relevant information ...
A Process Framework Combining Safety and Security in Practice
McCaffery, Fergal; Özcan Top, Özden; Treacy, Ceara; Paul, Pangkaj; Loane, John; Callan-Crilly, Jennifer; McMahon, Arthur (2018-08-09)
Cyber-Physical-Systems provide huge potential for delivering highly effective solutions for multiple safety critical domains such as health, automotive, sports etc. Given the complexity of cyber physical systems, it is imp...
A hybrid assessment approach for medical device software development companies
Özcan Top, Özden; McCaffery, Fergal (2018-07-01)
Medical device software development organizations are bound by regulatory requirements and constraints to ensure that developed medical devices will not harm patients. Medical devices have to be treated as complete systems...
How Does Scrum Conform to the Regulatory Requirements Defined in MDevSPICE
Özcan Top, Özden; McCaffery, Fergal (2017-10-02)
Medical device software development is subject to high regulations due to the potential risk of harming patients with unsafe medical devices. These regulations require software development to be performed with high discipl...
A Lightweight Software Process Assessment Approach Based on MDevSPICE((R)) for Medical Device Development Domain
Özcan Top, Özden; McCaffery, Fergal (2017-09-04)
Software process improvement is challenging in the medical device development domain, as significant constraints exist such as ensuring conformance to regulations while improving software quality. The regulations that medi...
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