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Visualization in virtual reality: a systematic review
Korkut, Elif Hilal; Sürer, Elif (2022-03-01)
Rapidly growing virtual reality (VR) technologies and techniques have gained importance over the past few years, and academics and practitioners have been searching for efficient visualizations in VR. To date, emphasis has...
A genomic snapshot of demographic and cultural dynamism in Upper Mesopotamia during the Neolithic Transition
Altınışık, Nefize Ezgi; et. al. (bioRxiv, 2022-02-01)
Upper Mesopotamia played a key role in the Neolithic Transition in Southwest Asia through marked innovations in symbolism, technology, and foodways. We present thirteen ancient genomes (c.8500-7500 calBCE) from Pre-Pottery...
Sketch Recognition for Interactive Game Experiences Using Neural Networks
Korkut, Elif Hilal; Sürer, Elif (2021-11-02)
Human freehand sketches can provide various scenarios to the interfaces with their intuitive, illustrative, and abstract nature. Although freehand sketches have been powerful tools for communication and have been studied i...
Archaeogenetic analysis of Neolithic sheep from Anatolia suggests a complex demographic history since domestication
Yurtman, Erinç; et. al. (2021-11-01)
Sheep were among the first domesticated animals, but their demographic history is little understood. Here we analyzed nuclear polymorphism and mitochondrial data (mtDNA) from ancient central and west Anatolian sheep dating...
Anthropomorphic Figurines of South-West Asia Through the Neolithic Transition: Social Function and Interaction Networks
Atakuman, Çiğdem; Sürer, Elif (2021-09-11)
Anthropomorphic figurines constitute one of the most interesting and equally enigmatic objects of the prehistoric era. These miniature statues of the human form are often perceived as representations of gods or goddesses, ...
Proposing a Novel Mixed-Reality Framework for Basic Design and Its Hybrid Evaluation Using Linkography and Interviews
Cindioğlu, Hasane Ceren; Gürsel Dino, İpek; Sürer, Elif (2021-09-01)
Proposing a novel mixed-reality framework for basic design and its hybrid evaluation using linkography and interviews
Cindioglu, Hasane Ceren; Gürsel Dino, İpek; Sürer, Elif (2021-09-01)
Immersive Virtual Environments (IVEs), particularly Mixed-Reality (MR) technologies, continue to have an increasing impact on design processes and design education. This study focuses on MR's potentials in Basic Design (BD...
Playtesting: What is Beyond Personas
Ariyurek, Sinan; Sürer, Elif; Betin Can, Aysu (2021-07-01)
Playtesting is an essential step in the game design process. Game designers use the feedback from playtests to refine their design. Game designers may employ procedural personas to automate the playtesting process. In this...
Automated Game Mechanics and Aesthetics Generation Using Neural Style Transfer in 2D Video Games
Şen, Deniz; Küçükkaykı, Hasan Tahsin; Sürer, Elif (2021-07-01)
Human inbreeding has decreased in time through the Holocene
Ceballos, Francisco C.; Gürün, Kanat; Altınışık, Nefize Ezgi; Gemici, Hasan Can; Karamurat, Cansu; Koptekin, Dilek; Vural, Kıvılcım Başak; Mapelli, Igor; Sağlıcan, Ekin; Sürer, Elif; Erdal, Yılmaz Selim; Götherström, Anders; Özer, Füsun; Atakuman, Çiğdem; Somel, Mehmet (2021-07-01)
The history of human inbreeding is controversial.1 In particular, how the development of sedentary and/or agricultural societies may have influenced overall inbreeding levels, relative to those of hunter-gatherer communiti...
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