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Developing Economic Indicators for Universities as part of Regional Ecosystems
Voitko, Serhii; Tshikovhi, Ndivhuho; Lacalle, Javier G.; Sürer, Elif; Martin, Emilio; Moyo, Sibusiso; Qwatekana, Zikho; Rana, Inu; Konovalova, Nadiia; Atak Atalık, Alev; Acar, Feride Pınar; Royo, Sonia; Russkova, Valeria; Kumar, Vikas (2023-11-14)
Developing a 3D Laparoscopy Training Application to Assess the Efficacy in Virtual Reality Environments
Yosunkaya, Ege; Sahin, Sebahat Selin; Sürer, Elif; Keleş, Hasan Onur (2023-10-18)
Collaborating with Agents in Architectural Design and Decision-Making Process: Top-down and Bottom-up Case Studies Using Reinforcement Learning
Yetkin, Ozan; Sürer, Elif; Sorguç, Arzu (2023-10-18)
3D Simulation and Comparative Analysis of Immune System Cell Micro-Level Responses in Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Environments
Kaya, Hanifi Tuğşad; Sürer, Elif; Acar, Aybar Can (2023-10-18)
Developing a Framework for Heterotopias as Discursive Playgrounds: A Comparative Analysis of Non-Immersive and Immersive Technologies
Korkut, Elif Hilal; Sürer, Elif (2023-10-01)
Distribution Aware Testing Framework for Deep Neural Networks
Demir, Demet; Betin Can, Aysu; Sürer, Elif (2023-10-01)
Development of a Methodology for Pooling Resources and Optimising Investments in the Field of CBRN Training and Capacity Building
Choudary, Saman; Xerri, Grace P.; Sürer, Elif; Carestia, Mariachiara; Vybornova, Olga; Gala, Jean-Luc; Van De Vorst, Maaike F.; Calluy, Luc; Reich, Wolfgang Karl-Heinz; Michalcik, Tomas; Habig, Therese; Schmidt, Eugen; Benson, Elizabeth; Bunday, Rob; Di Giovanni, Daniele (2023-09-25)
Extended Reality Applications and Serious Games in the CBRNe Domain: Opportunities, Challenges and Future Perspectives
Sürer, Elif (2023-09-25)
A Comparative Analysis between the UK and Türkiye from Recent Past to the Future on the UN SDGs on Employability: Global Graduates for Global Careers
Teksöz, Gaye; Acar, Feride Pınar; Shariff, Amir M.; Weerakkody, Vishanth; Sivarajah, Sankar; Sürer, Elif; Angın, Pelin; Surucu Balci, Ebru; Yorgun, İbrahim; Akgül, Esra (2023-09-18)
Visualization in virtual reality: a systematic review
Korkut, Elif Hilal; Sürer, Elif (2023-01-01)
Rapidly growing virtual reality (VR) technologies and techniques have gained importance over the past few years, and academics and practitioners have been searching for efficient visualizations in VR. To date, the emphasis...
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