Torrefaction of pine wood in a continuous system and optimization of torrefaction conditions

Keivani, Babak
Gultekin, Selin
Atımtay, Aysel
Red pine wood particles were torrefied in a screw conveyor reactor system continuously having a capacity of 5 kg/hour. During torrefaction, operating conditions were very important. Changes in the reactor temperature and the reactor residence times had large influences on product yields. With increasing torrefaction temperature, the volatile matter and oxygen content of biomass decreased, while fixed carbon content and heating value greatly increased. Design-Expert software package was used for the design of experiments (DOE) and to carry out the statistical analysis according to the experimental results. The optimum biocoal yield of 56.59%, energy yield of 47.49%, higher heating value of 26 761.9 kJ/kg, hardgrove grindability index of 91.76, H/C ratio of 0.099, and O/C ratio of 0.312 were obtained at 299.71 degrees C and 28.4 minutes (approximately 300 degrees C and 30 minutes). The biocoal prepared in this work exhibited similar properties to selected Turkish lignites. It suggests that the biocoal can be used as a supplementary fuel for production of energy in coal-fired combustion systems, especially as an auxiliary fuel for existing power plants.


Adsorption of RuSex (x=1-5) cluster on Se-doped graphene: First principle calculations
AKTÜRK, OLCAY ÜZENGİ; Tomak, Mehmet (2015-08-30)
We have investigated the adsorption of RuSex (x =1-5) cluster on Se-doped graphene. The change of the adsorption energy with the number of Se atoms and magnetization values are investigated. Electronic properties of adsorption of RuSex (x =1-5) cluster on Se-doped graphene are investigated. The highest adsorption energy belongs to RuSe adsorbate. The biggest magnetization value belongs to RuSe2 adsorbate. This adsorbate makes the substrate half metallic. This property is important in electronic device appli...
Modeling, transient simulations and parametric studies of parabolic trough collectors with thermal energy storage
Akba, Tufan; Baker, Derek Keıth; Güvenç Yazıcıoğlu, Almıla (Elsevier BV, 2020-3-15)
For investigating the system response of parabolic trough collector heat generating system, a plant with parabolic trough collector field and two-tank molten salt thermal energy storage model with component-level control algorithm is developed for managing various working conditions. The model is transient inside the components and responds with hourly weather and demand data. The main purpose of this work is providing an alternative design methodology that focuses on the collector field, and storage size b...
Polyethylene Pyrolysis Theory and Experiments for Molecular Weight Distribution Kinetics
Sezgi, Naime Aslı; Smith, Jm; Bj, Mccoy (null; 1998-09-13)
A novel reactor for pyrolysis of a polyethylene melt stirred by bubbles of flowing nitrogen gas at atmospheric pressure permits uniform-temperature depolymerization. Sweep-gas experiments at temperatures 370−410 °C allowed pyrolysis products to be collected separately as reactor residue (solidified polyethylene melt), condensed vapor, and uncondensed gas products. Molecular-weight distributions (MWDs) determined by gel permeation chromatography indicated that random scission and repolymerization (cross-link...
Vacuum-processed polyethylene as a dielectric for low operating voltage organic field effect transistors
Kanbur, Yasin; Irimia-Vladu, Mihai; Glowacki, Eric D.; Voss, Gundula; Baumgartner, Melanie; Schwabegger, Guenther; Leonat, Lucia; Ullah, Mujeeb; Sarica, Hizir; ERTEN ELA, ŞULE; Schwoediauer, Reinhard; Sitter, Helmut; Kucukyavuz, Zuhal; Bauer, Siegfried; Sariciftci, Niyazi Serdar (2012-05-01)
We report on the fabrication and performance of vacuum-processed organic field effect transistors utilizing evaporated low-density polyethylene (LD-PE) as a dielectric layer. With C-60 as the organic semiconductor, we demonstrate low operating voltage transistors with field effect mobilities in excess of 4 cm(2)/Vs. Devices with pentacene showed a mobility of 0.16 cm(2)/Vs. Devices using tyrian Purple as semiconductor show low-voltage ambipolar operation with equal electron and hole mobilities of similar to...
Operational Optimization of an Agricultural Microgrid
Brown, Paul D.; Göl, Murat (2022-01-01)
A demonstration agricultural microgrid containing solar photovoltaic (PV), battery storage system (BSS) and multiple water pumps and reservoirs is presented. A mathematical model of the cost of operating the demonstration microgrid is developed. The mathematical model includes hybrid inverter source switching and BSS charging modes in addition to power balance and inter-period energy and water-level coupling. Electricity pricing and irrigation water use efficiency are allowed to vary by time of day. The mat...
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B. Keivani, S. Gultekin, H. OLGUN, and A. Atımtay, “Torrefaction of pine wood in a continuous system and optimization of torrefaction conditions,” INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENERGY RESEARCH, pp. 4597–4609, 2018, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: