On the diffusion equation.

Bastıyalı, Azize


On the Löwner theory.
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On the inverse problem of galois theory.
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On the theory of integral equations.
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On the finite difference approximations to nonlinear partial differential equations.
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On the Poisson sum formula for the analysis of wave radiation and scattering from large finite arrays
Aydın Çivi, Hatice Özlem; Chou, HT (1999-05-01)
Poisson sum formulas have been previously presented and utilized in the literature [1]-[8] for converting a finite element-by-element array field summation into an alternative representation that exhibits improved convergence properties with a view toward more efficiently analyzing wave radiation/scattering from electrically large finite periodic arrays. However, different authors [1]-[6] appear to use two different versions of the Poisson sum formula; one of these explicitly shows the end-point discontinui...
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A. Bastıyalı, “On the diffusion equation.,” Middle East Technical University, 1966.