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Influences of Microemulsion Cross-linking Reaction and Ball-milling on Particle Size Characteristics of Potato and Maize Starches

Zhou, Yu-guang
Li, Dong
Wang, Li-jun
Özkan, Necati
Chen, Xiao Dong
MAO, Zhi-huai
In this study, microemulsion cross-linking treatment was used on food grade potato and maize starches for preparing micro starch particles. Laser diffraction technique was introduced to measure the particle size characteristics, including the median particle diameter (d (50)), surface area mean diameter D [3, 2], volume mean diameter D [4, 3] and specific surface area of micro potato and maize starch particles. The volume distributions and number distributions were also analyzed using Mastersizer 2000 Software. The d (50), D [3, 2], D [4, 3] of the potato starch granules were reduced significantly (p < 0.05) after the microemulsion cross-linking reaction and ball-milling treatment. However, the microemulsion cross-linking treatment did not produce significant changes in the particle size characteristics of the maize starch samples.