Evaluation of Agility Assessment Tools: A Multiple Case Study

Adali, Onat Ege
Özcan Top, Özden
Demirors, Onur
Agile software development has been one of the most important paradigms of software engineering community. Agile methods that are shaped around Agile Manifesto and principles, provide promising results when applied properly in software organizations. Agile assessment models and tools have potential to indicate agile adoption problems at project level or organization level. In the scope of this study, we identified 37 agility assessment tools. Among those tools, we evaluated 11 agility assessment tools based upon 9 criteria within a multiple case study. The purpose of this study is to evaluate existing agility assessment tools to provide an overview about potential uses, advantages and drawbacks. The results of the case study indicate that none of the 11 tools are eligible to fully achieve the 9 criteria.


Assessment of Agility in Software Organizations with a Web-Based Agility Assessment Tool
Adali, Onat Ege; Özcan Top, Özden; Demirors, Onur (2017-09-01)
Agile software development approaches have emerged to overcome the inherent challenges of the traditional software development methodologies. With that in mind, they offer a set of simple yet effective practices based on the values and supporting principles of the Agile Manifesto. Today, more and more organizations are practicing Agile but transitioning to Agile is not as straightforward as it might seem. The benefits afforded by the agile values, principles and practices are not fully obtained and adapters...
Agile Maturity Self-Assessment Surveys: A Case Study
Yürüm, Ozan Raşit; Demirörs, Onur (2017-09-01)
Agile software development methodologies have been widely adopted by the software industry during the last decade. Agility assessment is an approach to measure the success of this adoption as well as to satisfy the further demands. In response, a number of agile maturity self-assessment surveys have been developed. However, software organizations do not widely utilize existing self-assessment surveys. In this study we aim to identify the existing surveys and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in agilit...
Assessment of agile maturity models: a multiple case study
Özcan Top, Özden (2013-06-04)
Agile methods are welcomed by software community in recent years. The move from traditional methods to agile methods is not straightforward. Software organizations need assistance to achieve transition from traditional software development approaches to agile approaches and to improve their agile capability. During the last few years several agile maturity models/frameworks are developed to guide organizations in agile process improvement and agile adoption. In this study, we assess the strengths and weakne...
Challenges and Working Solutions in Agile Adaptation: Experiences from the Industry
Özcan Top, Özden; Mccaffery, Fergal (2020-11-11)
Challenges in agile adaptation is inevitable in software development projects and have to be dealt with by software practitioners. The pathway to ex- cellence in agility requires experience of challenges, failure of process scenarios; and the discovery of working solutions by software development teams. The ma- jor purpose of this study is to highlight both the challenges organizations faced when implementing agile techniques and the solutions adopted that proved suc- cessful. In order to specify these chal...
Assess agility : agility assessment approach supported with an automated web based agility assessment tool
Adalı, Onat Ege; Demirörs, Onur; Özcan Top, Özden; Department of Information Systems (2017)
Today, more and more organizations are adopting agile methodologies to their software development processes. However, this adoption process is not straightforward due to the extensive knowledge and effort required. Currently, most agile adopters use assessments at a regular basis to understand the extent of their agility and to determine the success of their agile adoption. There have been many studies conducted about agile assessment models in the literature. Still, these models require significant time an...
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