Assess agility : agility assessment approach supported with an automated web based agility assessment tool

Adalı, Onat Ege
Today, more and more organizations are adopting agile methodologies to their software development processes. However, this adoption process is not straightforward due to the extensive knowledge and effort required. Currently, most agile adopters use assessments at a regular basis to understand the extent of their agility and to determine the success of their agile adoption. There have been many studies conducted about agile assessment models in the literature. Still, these models require significant time and effort to apply. The amounts of time and effort required to perform agility assessment with defined agility assessment models could be decreased with tool usage. However, existing agility assessment tools do not meet expected criteria for organizations to determine their agility. Therefore, there is a need for a generic agility assessment tool that automates and guides the agility assessment process fully and is reachable for all organizations through the web infrastructure. In this thesis, an agility assessment approach supported with an automated web-based agility assessment tool is developed. The study first explores the existing agility assessment tools, then examines the most prominent features of those tools, deducts expected criteria from the features, and evaluates the tools based on the expected criteria. After that the study presents an exemplar agility assessment process that defines the rules to perform and agility assessment with a comprehensive agility assessment reference model. Then, presents the requirements and design of the tool. Afterwards, the details of a multiple case study that conducted to evaluate the tool is presented. Finally, conclusion and future work is given with details. 
Citation Formats
O. E. Adalı, “Assess agility : agility assessment approach supported with an automated web based agility assessment tool,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2017.