Periodontal ligament cell behavior on different titanium surfaces

Korkusuz, Feza
Önder, Mustafa Turgut
Gorur, Ilker
Timucin, Muharrem
Aim. The purpose of this study was to investigate proliferation, morphology, mineralization and mRNA expressions of mineralized tissue associated proteins of PDL cells on smooth (S), sandblasted small-grit (SSG), sandblasted large-grit (SLG) and sodium titanate (NaTi) coated titanium alloys, in vitro. Methods and materials: PDL cells were cultured with DMEM media containing 10% FBS on the S, SSG, SLG and NaTi titanium surfaces. PDL cell proliferation, mineralization and immunohistochemistry experiments for Bone Sialoprotein (BSP) were performed. The morphology of the PDL cells was examined using confocal and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Gene expression profiles of cells were evaluated using a quantitative-polymerase chain reaction (Q-PCR) for type I collagen (COL I), Osteocalcin (OCN), osteopontin (OPN) and Runt-related transcription factor-2 (Runx2) on days 7 and 14. Results. Proliferation results on days 6 and 10 were similar in groups, while those of day 13 revealed a decrease in the NaTi group when compared to the S group. NaTi surface induced BSP mRNA expression which was correlated with mineralization tests and BSP immunostaining results. Increased Runx2 mRNA expression was also noted in the NaTi surface when compared to other surfaces. Conclusions. This study considers the NaTi surface as a potential alternative to SSG and SLG surfaces. This surface might provide a promising environment for PDL ligament-anchored implants.


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