Effects of Defatted Flaxseed Addition on Rheological Properties of Wheat Flour Slurry

HAO, Changchun
Lİ, Dong
Mao, Zhihuai
Özkan, Necati
Chen, Xiao Dong
Rheological property of defatted flaxseed-added wheat flour dispersions was investigated as a function of defatted flaxseed concentration (0-20%), NaCl concentration (0, 0.6, and 1.2%), sucrose concentration (0, 5, and 10%), and slurry concentration (33and 62.5%). Frequency sweep tests at 20 degrees C and temperature sweep tests from 20 to 90 degrees C were applied to the samples. The experimental measurements demonstrated that the viscoelastic moduli of samples increased with the increase in defatted flaxseed concentration from 0 to 20% and decreased with the increase in NaCl, sucrose, and water concentration at 20 degrees C. The gelatinization temperatures of the defatted flaxseed-wheat slurry samples were delayed with the addition of defatted flaxseed, NaCl, and sucrose but hastened with the addition of water.


Effects of Bentonite Combinations and Gelatin on the Rheological Behaviour of Bentonite – Apple Juice Dispersions
Dik, Tunay; Özilgen, Mustafa (Elsevier BV, 1996-11)
Rheological behaviour of bentonite – apple juice suspensions were experimentally determined at 25°C, within the shear rate range of 4.3 to 43.1 s−1with 0.90, 1.33 and 2.66 g/L bentonite mixtures and 0 to 0.25 g/L (on dry basis) gelatin concentrations. The mixtures consisted of 100%, 80%, 60%, 40% 20% and 0% Ca-bentonite and balance Na-bentonite combinations. The experimental data were described with the power law as τ =Kγ.1.56. The consistency index was related to the calcium, sodium and gelatin concentrati...
Effect of flaxseed gum addition on rheological properties of native maize starch
Wang, Yong; Wang, Li-Jun; Li, Dong; Özkan, Necati; Chen, Xiao Dong; Mao, Zhi-Huai (2008-11-01)
Both small amplitude oscillatory and steady shear measurements were carried out at 25 degrees C, 50 degrees C, and 75 degrees C in order to determine the theological properties of the mixtures of flaxseed gum (0.1-0.5%) and native maize starch (3%). It was found that the apparent viscosities of the samples increased with the increasing of flaxseed gum concentration. The apparent viscosities of the samples were fitted well to the power law model (the values of R-2 were between 0.954 and 0.999). The consisten...
Effect of sodium carbonate on carbothermic formation of hexagonal boron nitride
Akyıldız, Uğur; Sevinç, Naci; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2010)
Effect of Na2CO3 on formation of hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) by carbothermic method has been studied by subjecting B2O3-C and Na2CO3-added B2O3-C mixtures to N2 (g) atmosphere. Na2CO3 amount in the mixtures was changed in the range of 0-40 wt. %. Time and temperature were used as experimental variables. Reaction products were analyzed by XRD and scanning electron microscope. Na2CO3 was found to increase both the amount and the particle size of h-BN similar to CaCO3 [1]. Na2CO3 was found to be less effect...
KOCAK, HI; ARAS, L (Elsevier BV, 1990-07-01)
The solution behaviour of Na, Ba, Zn and Al ionomers of methyl methacrylate-methacrylic acid copolymer (P(MMA-MAA)) with different ion contents has been studied by viscosity and dipole moment measurements. Two solvents with different character are chosen for viscosity measurements: dioxane (ε = 2.22) and acetone (ε = 20.7). The expected polyelectrolyte behaviour of the ionomers in acetone is reflected by the viscometric measurements. Mean squared dipole moment 〈μ2〉 values are calculated over a temperature r...
Effect of salinity on antioxidant responses of chickpea seedlings
Eyidogan, Fuesun; Oez, Mehmet Tufan (2007-10-01)
The changes in the activity of antioxidant enzymes, like superoxide dismutase, ascorbate peroxidase, catalase and glutathione reductase, and growth parameters such as length, fresh and dry weight, proline and H2O2 contents, chlorophyll fluorescence (Fv/Fm), quantum yield of PSII and the rate of lipid peroxidation in terms of malondialdehyde in leaf and root tissues of a chickpea cultivar (Cicer arietinum L. cv. Gokc,e)under salt treatment were investigated. Plants were subjected to 0.1, 0.2 and 0.5 M NaCl t...
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