Optimal spline approximations with variable knots.

Erkanlı, Alaattin


Optimal control in nonlinear elliptic systems
Leblebicioğlu, Kemal; Çelebi, Okay; Department of Mathematics (1988)
Optimal Inverse Kinematic Solutions for Redundant Manipulators by Using Analytical Methods to Minimize Position and Velocity Measures
Özgören, Mustafa Kemal (2013-08-01)
Two methods are presented to obtain optimal inverse kinematic solutions for redundant manipulators, according to two different performance criteria stipulated in the position and velocity levels. Both methods are analytical throughout except their final stages, which involve the numerical solution of a simplified minimization problem in a position-level case and the numerical integration of a set of differential equations derived optimally in a velocity-level case. Owing to the analytical nature of the meth...
Optimal trajectories for air-tosurfaces missiles using direct collocation and nonlinear programming
Arslan, Ertuğrul Murat; Tekinalp, Ozan; Özgören, Kemal; Department of Aeronautical Engineering (1996)
Optimal control of stochastic hybrid system with jumps: A numerical approximation
Temoçin, Büşra Zeynep; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (2014-03-15)
The generalized class of stochastic hybrid systems consists of models with regime changes including the occurrence of impulsive behavior. In this paper, the stochastic hybrid processes with jumps are approximated by locally consistent Markov decision processes that preserve local mean and covariance. We further apply a randomized switching policy for approximating the dynamics on the switching boundaries. To investigate the validity of the approximation, we study a stochastic optimal control problem. On the...
Optimal control problems governed by a system of convection diffusion PDEs with nonlinear reaction terms
Yücel, Hamdullah; Benner, Peter (2013-03-13)
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A. Erkanlı, “Optimal spline approximations with variable knots.,” Middle East Technical University, 1984.