Effects of nanoparticles on thermal degradation of polylactide/aluminium diethylphosphinate composites

Kaya, Hatice
Özdemir, Esra
Kaynak, Cevdet
Hacaloğlu, Jale
We investigated the thermal degradation characteristics of polylactide (PLA) aluminium diethylphosphinate (AlPi) composites involving SiO2, halloysite (HNT) and organically modified montmorillonite (OMMT) via direct pyrolysis mass spectrometry. Presence of nanoparticles, SiO2, HNT and OMMT affected both thermal stability and relative yields of thermal degradation products of PLA/AlPi. The transesterification reactions and interactions between PLA and AlPi were depressed in the presence of SiO2 and HNT. The increase in thermal stability detected in the presence of OMMT was associated with generation of cross-linked structure as a consequence of reactions between the organic modifier of montmorillonite, the carbonyl groups of PLA and phosphinates.


Effect of clay on crude oil combustion by thermal analysis techniques
Kök, Mustafa Verşan (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2006-05-01)
This research was aimed to investigate the role of clay on the combustion and kinetic behavior of crude oils in limestone matrix. For this purpose, simultaneous TG (thermogravimetry) and DTA (differential thermal analysis) experiments were performed at three different heating rates as 10-15 and 20 degrees C min(-1), respectively. A uniform trend of decreasing activation energies was observed with the addition of clay. It was concluded that clays surface area affects the values of Arrhenius constant, while i...
Effect of metal oxide on light oil combustion - TA and kinetic analysis
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Simultaneous thermogravimetry (TG) and differential thermal analysis (DTA) were applied to light crude oil combustion in the presence and absence of metal oxide. In crude oil-limestone mixture, three main transitional stages are detected. These are distillation, low-temperature oxidation (LTO) and high temperature oxidation (HTO) regions respectively. In the case of experiments with Fe(III)chloride at different amounts, the shape of TG-DTA curve is changed considerably. Kinetic parameters of the samples are...
Influence of bag filter ash to spectral thermal radiation in fluidized bed combustors Co-Fired with biomass
Yaşar, Mehmet Soner; Selçuk, Nevin; Külah, Görkem (2021-09-01)
Influence of fine particles collected in bag filter on spectral thermal radiation is investigated in the freeboard of a 0.3 MWt atmospheric bubbling fluidized bed combustion test rig where lignite, lignite/olive residue, and lignite/hazelnut shell blends are fired with limestone addition. For this purpose, a 3-D radiation code based on method of lines solution of discrete ordinates method coupled with banded one gas spectral line-based weighted sum of gray gases for spectral gas properties, Mie theory for s...
Effect of Polymer Additives and Process Temperature on the Physical Properties of Bitumen-Based Composites
Dogan, Mehmet; Bayramlı, Erdal (2009-08-15)
Polymer modified bitumen (PMB) is a binder obtained by the incorporation of polymer into the bitumen by mechanical mixing or chemical reaction. This study deals with the modification of bitumen with three types of polymers (LDPE, EVA, and SBS) in the presence of filler (CaCO3). The morphological, mechanical, rheological properties, and thermal conductivity of the PMBs have been analyzed by scanning electron microscopy, tensile testing, melt flow index (MFI) measurements and hot wire method, respectively. Th...
Effects of nanoparticles on thermal characteristics of polyamide-6, polylactic acid and polystyrene involving various flame retardants
Kaya, Hatice; Hacaloğlu, Jale; Kaynak, Cevdet; Department of Polymer Science and Technology (2013)
In this work, the effects of addition of nanoparticles halloysite, (HNT), organically modified montmorillonites (MMT10A, MMT25A and MMT30B) and SiO2 on thermal degradation characteristics of polyamide 6 (PA6), polylactide (PLA) and polystyrenes (PS and HIPS) involving flame retardants are investigated. The composites of PA6 and PLA involve phosphorus containing flame retardant, aluminium diethylphosphinate (AlPi). Composites HIPS involve mineral flame retardant, aluminium hydroxide and those of PS involve h...
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H. Kaya, E. Özdemir, C. Kaynak, and J. Hacaloğlu, “Effects of nanoparticles on thermal degradation of polylactide/aluminium diethylphosphinate composites,” JOURNAL OF ANALYTICAL AND APPLIED PYROLYSIS, pp. 115–122, 2016, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/31605.