Atmospheric mercury distribution in Northern Europe and in the Mediterranean region

Wängberg, Ingvar
Munthe, John
Nicole, Pirrone
Ake, Iverfeldt
Erl, Bahlman
Pedro, Costa
Ralph, Ebinghaus
Xingbin, Feng
Ferrara, Romano
Katarina, Gårdfeldt
Hans, Kock
Enrica, Lanzillotta
Yaacov, Mamane
Francisca, Mas
Ety, Melamed
You, Osnat
Eric, Prestbo
Jonas, Sommar
Stefan, Schmolke
Gerard, Spain
Fanceska, Sprovieri
Tuncel, Süleyman Gürdal
Mercury species in air have been measured at five sites in Northwest Europe and at five coastal sites in the Mediterranean region during measurements at four seasons. Observed concentrations of total gaseous mercury (TGM), total particulate mercury (TPM) and reactive gaseous mercury (RGM) were generally slightly higher in the Mediterranean region than in Northwest Europe. Incoming clean Atlantic air seems to be enriched in TGM in comparison to air in Scandinavia. Trajectory analysis of events where high concentrations of TPM simultaneously were observed at sites in North Europe indicate source areas in Central Europe and provide evidence of transport of mercury on particles on a regional scale,
Atmospheric Environment


Intercomparison of methods for sampling and analysis of atmospheric mercury species
Munthe, John; Wangberg, Il; Pirrone, Nicola; Tuncel, Süleyman Gürdal; Iverfield, Adam; Ferrara, Ricardo; Ebinghouse, Rene (2001-06-01)
An intercomparison for sampling and analysis of atmospheric mercury species was held in Tuscany, June 1998. Methods for sampling and analysis of total gaseous mercury (TGM), reactive gaseous mercury (RGM) and total particulate mercury (TPM) were used in parallel sampling over a period of 4 days. The results show that the different methods employed for TGM compared well whereas RGM and TPM showed a somewhat higher variability. Measurement results of RGM and TPM improved over the time period indicating that a...
Seasonal chemical and mineralogical variability of atmospheric particles in the coastal region of the Northeast Mediterranean
Kubilay, NN; Saydam, AC; Yemenicioglu, S; Kelling, G; Kapur, S; Karaman, C; Akca, E (1997-02-01)
A time-serial analysis of atmospheric particles collected since 1990 at a coastal site bordering the northeastern Mediterranean Sea shows that the collected samples display seasonal patterns in both concentration and color. The 1990-91 and 1992 collections yield an annualised average of around 0.5 g/day dust loading reducing to around 0.3 g/day when the sea-salt contribution is excluded. The highest concentrations of atmospheric particles of continental origin for both natural (e.g. Fe, Mn) and anthropogeni...
Seismic evidence of shallow gas in the sediment on the shelf off Trabzon, southeastern Black Sea
Okyar, M; Ediger, V (1999-04-01)
High-resolution seismic surveys carried out on the shelf off Trabzon (southeastern Black Sea) show that the sub-bottom stratigraphy consists of two main depositional sequences (A and B) one of which contains zones of acoustic turbidity. Of these, the upper depositional sequence (A) is thought to comprise Holocene sediments, while the lower depositional sequence (B) is interpreted as approximating to the Pleistocene. The boundary between these sequences is defined by a reflector (R), which is interpreted as ...
Atmospheric trace element concentrations over the eastern Mediterranean Sea: Factors affecting temporal variability
GÜLLÜ, GÜLEN; Olmez, I; Aygun, S; Tuncel, Süleyman Gürdal (1998-09-20)
Concentrations of elements and ions were measured in aerosol samples collected between March 1992 and December 1993 at a rural station on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Concentrations of pollution-derived elements are lower than corresponding concentrations reported for the western Mediterranean region, due to the longer distances traveled by the particles to reach the eastern Mediterranean region. Concentrations of elements vary on timescales ranging from days to seasons. Short-term variations in the c...
Size distribution of trace elements and major ions in the eastern Mediterranean atmosphere
Kuloglu, E; Tuncel, Süleyman Gürdal (2005-10-01)
Size distribution of trace elements is measured at the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, by analyzing hi-vol impactor samples collected between August 1993 and May 1994. Mass median diameters of marine elements are between 4.6 and 5.3 mu m, and those of crustal elements are between 3.0 and 3.5 mu m. Mass median diameters of crustal elements are 30% smaller in samples impacted by Saharan Dust. Pollution derived elements, As, Cd, Mo, Pb, Se, and Zn have MMD's between 1.25 and 1.01 mu m. Although 70-90% of the ma...
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