Şekil Değiştirebilir Basamak Tipi Dalgakıranların Performansı Üzerine Örnek Bir Uygulama, Ordu-Giresun Havaalanı, Türkiye

In this study, the stability and serviceability (wave overtopping) of hardly-reshaping berm breakwater of Ordu-Giresun International Airport and four alternative cross-sections of fully- and partly-reshaping berm breakwaters are assessed by physical model experiments. Ordu-Giresun International Airport is a public airport constructed on an approximately 1.77 km-square reclaimed land at the eastern Black Sea coast of Turkey. The reclaimed land area is protected with a 7345 m long hardly reshaping rubble mound berm breakwater at a depth of 11 m (MSL). The design high water level (HWL) corresponding to 100-yr return period is calculated as +1.12 m. The bottom slope from deep water up to 20 m water depth is around 1:50 and becomes steeper (1:20) towards the shore. The design wave characteristics at the toe of the structure (100-yr return period) is determined as Hs = 6.68m, Tm= 10.80 sec.