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Numerical modeling of wave diffraction in one-dimensional shoreline change model

Baykal, Cüneyt
In this study, available coastal models are briefly discussed and under wind waves and a numerical shoreline change model for longshore sediment transport based on “one-line” theory is developed. In numerical model, wave diffraction phenomenon in one-dimensional modeling is extensively discussed and to represent the irregular wave diffraction in the sheltered zones of coastal structures a simpler approach based on the methodology introduced by Kamphuis (2000) is proposed. Furthermore, the numerical model results are compared with analytical solutions of accretion and erosion at a single groin. An application to a case study of a groin field constructed to the east side of Kızılırmak river mouth, at Bafra alluvial plain, is carried out by the numerical model. The results of comparisons show that the numerical model is in good agreement with the analytical solutions of shoreline changes at a groin. Similarly, numerical model results are compared with field data of Bafra and it is shown that they are in good agreement qualitatively. Therefore, the numerical model is accepted to be capable of representing of shoreline evolution qualitatively even for complex coastal regions.