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Direct epoxidation of propylene to propylene oxide on various catalytic systems: A combinatorial micro-reactor study

Kalyoncu, Sule
Duzenli, Derya
Önal, Işık
Seubsai, Anusorn
Noon, Daniel
Senkan, Selim
A combinatorial approach is used to investigate several bimetallic catalytic systems and the promoter effect on these catalysts to develop highly active and selective catalysts for direct epoxidation of propylene to propylene oxide (PO) using molecular oxygen. 2%Cu/5%Ru/c-SiO2 catalyst yielded the highest performance with high propylene conversion and PO selectivity among the bimetallic catalytic systems including silver, ruthenium, manganese and copper metals. On the other hand, the most effective catalyst and promoter in the epoxidation reaction was determined to be sodium chloride promoted Cu-Ru catalyst supported over SiO2 with 36% selectivity & 9.6% conversion (3.46% yield) at 300 degrees C and 0.5 feed gas ratio (propylene/oxygen). (C) 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.