A search for understanding the desing process.

Özel, Saydam


A Study on the dimensions and determinants of environmental attitudes.
Tosunoglu, Canan; Doğan, Musa; Berberoğlu, Giray; Department of Science Education (1993)
A search for a methodology to identify the effect of employee characteristics on spatial requirements and expectations from modern office design
Kına, Zeyne; Tanyer, Ali Murat; Department of Building Science in Architecture (2020)
Dominance of the knowledge intensive sectors over the global economy, change in business nature and innovation becoming the main source of competition has affected also the physical workplaces. Eventually, 21st century office design concept has risen with the purpose of increasing collaboration, motivation and so creativity and innovation. However, there cannot be a standardized office design that is well suited to all companies due to three main factors, which are culture, sector and employee characteristi...
A model approach to analyzing discourse in medical articles.
Yıldız, Ziya; Koç, Sabri; Department of English Language Teaching (1992)
A conceptual analysis of dispositional terms in the context of psychology.
Narlı, Nilüfer; Department of Philosophy (1982)
A reconceptualization of the production of knowledge in architecture through research laboratories
Acar, Zuhal; Basa, İnci; Department of Architecture (2022-2-8)
This thesis defines a new organization for the production of knowledge in architecture through research laboratories based on the assumption that the concept of discipline is incapable of describing the current practices of knowledge production in the field. By emphasizing the inadequacy of the term ‘discipline’ within the broader scale of the whole field of knowledge, this study identifies an epistemological crisis that signals the dissolution of the hierarchical disciplinary system. A new lateral field of...
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S. Özel, “A search for understanding the desing process.,” Middle East Technical University, 1981.