Automatic Detection of Shared Objects in Multithreaded Java Programs

Tolubaeva, Munara
Betin Can, Aysu
This paper presents a simple and efficient automated tool called DoSSO that detects shared objects in multithreaded Java programs. Our main goal is to help programmers see all potentially shared objects that may cause some complications at runtime. This way programmers can implement a concurrent software without considering synchronization issues and then use appropriate locking mechanism based on the DoSSO results. To illustrate the effectiveness of our tool, we have petformed an experiment on a multithreaded system with graphical user intetfaces and remote method invocations and achieved promising results.


Verifiable concurrent programming using concurrency controllers
Betin Can, Aysu (2004-09-24)
We present a framework for verifiable concurrent programming in Java based on a design pattern for concurrency controllers. Using this pattern, a programmer can write concurrency controller classes defining a synchronization policy by specifying a set of guarded commands and without using any of the error-prone synchronization primitives of Java. We present a modular verification approach that exploits the modularity of the proposed pattern, i.e., decoupling of the controller behavior from the threads that ...
Dosso - automatic detector of shared objects in multithreaded java programs
Tolubaeva, Munara; Betin Can, Aysu; Department of Information Systems (2009)
In this thesis, we present a simple and efficient automated analysis tool called DoSSO that detects shared objects in multithreaded Java programs. DoSSO reports only the shared objects that are modified by at least one thread. Based on this tool, we propose a new approach in developing concurrent software where programmers implement the system without considering synchronization issues first and then use appropriate locking mechanism only for the objects reported by DoSSO. To evaluate the applicability of D...
Object Detection with Convolutional Context Features
Kaya, Emre Can; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın (2017-01-01)
A novel extension to Huh B-ESA object detection algorithm is proposed in order to learn convolutional context features for determining boundaries of objects better. For input images, the hypothesis windows and their context around those windows are learned through convolutional layers as two parallel networks. The resulting object and context feature maps are combined in such a way that they preserve their spatial relationship. The proposed algorithm is trained and evaluated on PASCAL VOC 2007 detection ben...
Modular verification of synchronization with reentrant locks
Bultan, Tevfik; Yu, Fang; Betin Can, Aysu (2010-07-28)
We present a modular approach for verification of synchronization behavior in concurrent programs that use reentrant locks. Our approach decouples the verification of the lock implementation from the verification of the threads that use the lock. This decoupling is achieved using lock interfaces that characterize the allowable execution order for the lock operations. We use a thread modular verification approach to check that each thread obeys the lock interface. We verify the lock implementation assuming t...
Computational platform for predicting lifetime system reliability profiles for different structure types in a network
Akgül, Ferhat (2004-01-01)
This paper presents a computational platform for predicting the lifetime system reliability profiles for different structure types located in an existing network. The computational platform has the capability to incorporate time-variant live load and resistance models. Following a review of the theoretical basis, the overall architecture of the computational platform is described. Finally, numerical examples of three existing bridges (i.e., a steel, a prestressed concrete, and a hybrid steel-concrete bridge...
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