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Investigating self-efficacy, anxiety, attitudes and mathematics achievement regarding gender and school type

Recber, Senol
Işıksal Bostan, Mine
Koc, Yusuf
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship among seventh grade students' mathematics self-efficacy, mathematics anxiety, attitudes towards mathematics, mathematics achievement, gender and school type. In order to examine the difference in self-efficacy, anxiety, attitude and achievement in terms of gender and school type, two-way ANO-VAs were performed. In addition, multiple regression analysis was run to investigate the role of mathematics self-efficacy, anxiety, attitude, gender and school type in predicting mathematics achievement of seventh grade students. Results revealed that there was a significant main effect of gender on mean mathematics self-efficacy scores, attitude scores, anxiety scores and mathematics achievement. However, school type did not have significant main effect on mean self-efficacy scores, anxiety scores, and achievement scores but have significant effect on attitude scores. Findings also supported that self-efficacy, anxiety, attitude, gender and school type significantly predicted the achievement scores of seventh grade students.