Changing modalities of urban redevelopment and housing finance in Turkey: Three mass housing projects in Ankara

Topal Yılmaz, Aylin
Yalman, Galip L.
Celik, Ozlem
This study aims to critically analyze the transformation of the Turkish state's role in urban redevelopment and housing finance by focusing on 3 mass housing projects from Ankara in 3 different historical political conjunctures. The analysis reveals that the Turkish state, with its peculiar institutional artifices, not only creates rent gaps in varying forms but also increasingly coordinates appropriation of them. This involved not only reformulation of strategies to cope with the social problem of continuing expansion of urban population by planning efforts of various scope but also incorporating low-income households into the dominant logic of urban space redevelopment.


Socio spatial dimensions of urban crime : Ankara case
Hatipoğlu, Hasan Belya; Şengül, Hüseyin Tarık; Department of Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (2004)
The main objective of this thesis is to evaluate the question of urban crime and its relationship with the lower income groups in the cities by concentrating in the case study conducted in one of the deprived neighbourhoods of Ankara, namely Hidirliktepe. In the dominant conception on urban crime, there are two main assumptions; urban crime is partly an outcome of urbanization itself and the main actors of urban crime are deprived communities those living in the most deteriorated neighborhoods of the cities...
DEDE, İLKNUR; Okyayuz, Mehmet; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2022-9-27)
In this thesis building an integrated policy view on the peasant question and the necessities of the structural transformation of development, a multidimensional policy analysis is carried out on Turkish agricultural policies with special emphasis on the period after 1980. The peasant question is classified into two approaches in the literature as; “disappearance” and “persistence”. The disappearance approach declares that with the industrialization, globalization and commodification particularly by the int...
Issues of sustainable development in logical and global context : the case of Muğla
Doğru, Evrim; Aktüre, Sevgi; Department of City and Regional Planning (2006)
The sustainable development concept has entered the urban planning agenda of Turkey mainly after Habitat II Conference held in Istanbul in 1996. Turkey is trying to adopt the experiences of developed countries to improve the planning system including the sustainable development criteria. In this study, planning experience of Muğla is selected as a case study to criticize and evaluate on the changing planning process of cities in Turkey in terms of sustainable development criteria, which requires new approac...
A Critique on Improvement Plans: A Tool for Transformation of Squatter Housing Areas in Ankara
Sat, N. Aydan (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2007-6-01)
The aim of this paper is to evaluate the solution models for transformation of squatter housing areas in Turkey, by deriving an empirical study in Ankara, the capital city. The empirical study is limited by improvement plans made in Ankara up to 1997, when almost all of the improvement plans for squatter areas in Ankara were completed. Following the introduction, second section provides a brief depiction of improvement plans and legal arrangements related to squatter housing areas. Methodology used in this ...
Waterfront revitalization: a new challenge for urban development
Bütüner, Funda Baş; Günay, Baykan; Department of City and Regional Planning (2003)
This thesis aims to evaluate waterfront revitalization process, which have been experiencing in the world from 1960s, to discuss the issue in terms of Turkish coastal cities and revitalization of their waterfronts. Being an interface between land and water, waterfronts are critical and most changed urban areas in maritime cities. Specifically port zones, which are the main concern of this study, have experienced a significant transformation period from industrial and port facilities to recreation and touris...
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A. Topal Yılmaz, G. L. Yalman, and O. Celik, “Changing modalities of urban redevelopment and housing finance in Turkey: Three mass housing projects in Ankara,” JOURNAL OF URBAN AFFAIRS, pp. 630–653, 2019, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: