Value of disruption information in an EOQ environment

We consider an infinite horizon, continuous review inventory model with deterministic stationary demand where supply is subject to disruption. The supply process alternates between two states randomly: one in which it functions normally (ON-period) and one in which it is disrupted (OFF-period). In this setting, we seek the value of disruption information which enables the buyer to place "disruption orders" at the beginning of OFF-periods. Utilizing renewal theory, we derive the total expected cost and characterize the optimal regular order-up-to level together with the order-up-to level for disruption orders. We also conduct an extensive numerical analysis and compare the results with the model with no opportunity of disruption orders. We observe that if the shortage cost is relatively high, and the disruption risk is significant (in terms of duration and/or frequency), placing a disruption order reduces the expected total cost significantly.


Value of supplier flexibility and initial shelf life information in an EOQ environment,
Bayındır, Zeynep Pelin; Bakal, İsmail Serdar (null; 2018-07-07)
We consider an infinite horizon, continuous review inventory modelwith deterministic stationary demand where the shelf life of the itemsis uncertain. The initial life times of the incoming items from the supplieris a discrete random variable. When the age of the items reachesthe initial shelf-life, a quality control test for which the outcome israndom is applied. According to the result of this test, it is possibleto use the items to satisfy demand for an additional time period. Inthis environment, our obje...
Value of Disruption Information in an EOQ Environment
Bakal, İsmail Serdar; Bayındır, Zeynep Pelin (2014-07-13)
Value of Disruption Information in an EOQ EnvironmentIsmail Serdar Bakal, Z. Pelin Bayindir, Deniz Esin EmerWe consider an infinite-horizon, continuous-review inventory modelwith deterministic, stationary demand where supply is subject to disruption.The supply process alternates randomly between ON and OFFstates. Backlogging is allowed only when the supplier is disrupted. Weseek the value of disruption information which enables the firm to placean extra order when supply is disrupted. We derive the long-run...
Analysis of an inventory system under backorder correlated deterministic demand and geometric supply process
Argon, NT; Gullu, R; Erkip, N (2001-05-06)
In this article we propose a single item, periodic review model that investigates the effects of changes in the demand process that occur after stockout realizations. We investigate a system where the demands in successive periods are deterministic but affected by the backorder realizations. In order to capture the effects of changes in the demand process we use a geometric type supply availability. We analytically derive the necessary components for obtaining profit related performance measures and provide...
The Impact of Modeling on Robust Inventory Management Under Demand Uncertainty
Solyali, Oguz; Cordeau, Jean-Francois; Laporte, Gilbert (2016-04-01)
This study considers a basic inventory management problem with nonzero fixed order costs under interval demand uncertainty. The existing robust formulations obtained by applying well-known robust optimization methodologies become computationally intractable for large problem instances due to the presence of binary variables. This study resolves this intractability issue by proposing a new robust formulation that is shown to be solvable in polynomial time when the initial inventory is zero or negative. Becau...
Analysis of a deterministic demand production/inventory system under nonstationary supply uncertainty
Gullu, R; Onol, E; Erkip, N (Informa UK Limited, 1997-08-01)
In this article we investigate a periodic review inventory model under deterministic dynamic demand and supply unavailability. In a given period, supply is either available or completely unavailable with given probabilities. Supply unavailability probabilities are nonstationary over time. We show the optimality of an order-up-to level policy, and obtain a newsboy-like formula that determines the optimal order-up-to levels. Our formula would provide guidence as to the appropriate amount of inventory to stock...
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