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An academic performance measurement system and its impact on quality of engineering faculty work at middle east technical university

Üçtuǧ, Yildirim
Köksal, Gülser
A system has been developed for measuring the performance of faculty members at Middle East Technical University (METU) in 1998. This system has been designed to provide feedback for improving the quality of academic work. It involves a separate set of criteria and measures for each college within the university. The criteria used for the College of Engineering include publications, editorial work and translation, professional and other research activities, educational activities, memberships and awards, and other activities. Faculty members are recruited based on these criteria. They report their activities and works annually as required by this system, and they can access their measurement results through the university Intranet. These results play a significant role in promotion of the faculty members. Awards are given to faculty members who demonstrate superior performance. This system has also been utilised to measure the efficiency of engineering departments, and guide and support departments in improving their efficiency. Since the beginning of implementation of this system, significant changes have been observed in preferences and activities of faculty members, and their performance. The paper discusses impact of this system on performance of the Engineering College.