A problem of anisotropic scattering.

Eriş, Ahmet Z


A theoretical investigation on the simulation of roots blower systems on a digital computer.
Çelik, Ibrahim; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1978)
A computer analysis of wave transformations.
Bayraktaroğlu, Ali Riza; Yalçıner, Ahmet C.; Ergin, Ayşen; Department of Civil Engineering (1993)
A representation theorem for quantum systems
Dosi, Anar (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2013-07-01)
In this note representations of quantum systems are investigated. We propose a unital bipolar theorem for unital quantum cones, which plays a key role in proving a representation theorem for quantum systems. It turns out that each quantum system is identified with a certain quantum L-a-system up to a quantum order isomorphism.
A study on the state assignment optimization problem of sequential machines.
Halıcı, M Emrehan; Department of Electrical Engineering (1984)
A Theoretical Analysis of Multi-Modal Representation Learning with Regular Functions
Vural, Elif (2021-01-07)
Multi-modal data analysis methods often learn representations that align different modalities in a new common domain, while preserving the within-class compactness and within-modality geometry and enhancing the between-class separation. In this study, we present a theoretical performance analysis for multi-modal representation learning methods. We consider a quite general family of algorithms learning a nonlinear embedding of the data space into a new space via regular functions. We derive sufficient condit...
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A. Z. Eriş, “A problem of anisotropic scattering.,” Middle East Technical University, 1972.