Ödül Işıtman

Department of Music and Fine Arts
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“All that is solid is being digitized” Katı olan herşey sayılallaşıyor.
Işıtman, Ödül (2019-09-15)
The lord of the postmodernity: Plagiarism
Işıtman, Ödül (2018-05-01)
Today's art, which is dominated by postmodernism, evolves into a completely different sense of art that reverses the system over its own weapon and changes all the known values of art. Postmodern art, which focuses on ques...
Exhibiting Art The Case of ODTÜSanat
Işıtman, Ödül (2016-02-01)
The Final Phase on Merging Ceramics with Glass
Işıtman, Ödül (2014-01-01)
Giving Art Education to Students from Different Disciplines
Işıtman, Ödül (2012-05-04)
In the light of 20 years of experience in Middle East Technical University (METU) Music and Fine Arts Department (MFAD), this paper focuses on fine arts courses offered to students from different disciplines. The methods u...
Technical Processes in Pit-fire
Işıtman, Ödül; MARASALI, İLHAN (2012-01-01)
Exploration Studies with Ceramics and Glass
Işıtman, Ödül (2012-01-01)
The underlying thought of Isitman's research is to merge ceramic as ceramic and glass as glass; as an example, to integrate the two materials, in the same kiln and without changing their structures. This paper explains exp...
Ateş ve Duman Fire and Smoke
Işıtman, Ödül; Marasalı, İlhan (2009-04-01)
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