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A local eddy viscosity parameterization for wind-driven estuarine exchange flow, Part II: Entrainment
Başdurak, Nüvit Berkay; Burchard, Hans; Schuttelaars, Henk M. (2023-12-01)
Structure and intensity of estuarine exchange flow depend significantly on the eddy viscosity Av profile which is dynamically linked to various forces (e.g., gravitational, tidal, wind-driven). The impact of winds on the e...
Modeling the Dynamics of Small-Scale River and Creek Plumes in Tidal Waters
Başdurak, Nüvit Berkay; Nidzieko, N. J. (2020-07-01)
The fate of discharges from small rivers and mountainous streams are little studied relative to the dynamics of large river plumes. Flows from small watersheds are episodic, forming transient low-salinity surface plumes th...
Parameterization of mixing by secondary circulation in estuaries
Başdurak, Nüvit Berkay; Valle-Levinson, A.; Li, M.; Chant, R. J. (2017-07-01)
Eddy viscosity parameterizations that depend on a gradient Richardson number R-i have been most pertinent to the open ocean. Parameterizations applicable to stratified coastal regions typically require implementation of a ...
Salinity inversions in the thermocline under upwelling favorable winds
Burchard, Hans; Başdurak, Nüvit Berkay; Graewe, Ulf; Knoll, Michaela; Mohrholz, Volker; Mueller, Selina (2017-02-01)
This paper discusses and explains the phenomenon of salinity inversions in the thermocline offshore from an upwelling region during upwelling favorable winds. Using the nontidal central Baltic Sea as an easily accessible n...
Lateral structure of tidal asymmetry in vertical mixing and its impact on exchange flow in a coastal plain estuary
Başdurak, Nüvit Berkay; Cheng, Peng (2013-08-01)
Residual currents induced by asymmetries in tidal mixing (ATM) were determined using a series of underway-current velocity profiles and salinity measurements, estimates of vertical mixing, and an analytical expression. Six...
Tidal variability of lateral advection in a coastal plain estuary
Başdurak, Nüvit Berkay (2013-07-01)
Tidal variability of lateral advection of momentum (vu(y), where u and v are along-estuary and lateral flows, respectively, and the subindex indicates differentiation with respect to the cross-estuary direction) was invest...
Influence of Advective Accelerations on Estuarine Exchange at a Chesapeake Bay Tributary
Başdurak, Nüvit Berkay (2012-10-01)
The influence of nonlinear advection on estuarine exchange flow was investigated with observations at the transition between the James River and Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Roads, Virginia. Data were collected under different ...
Analysis of techniques to limit saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers
Başdurak, Nüvit Berkay; Motz, Louis H. (2007-01-01)
In this study, saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers and prevention techniques were investigated using a new computer model, the Sea Water Intrusion (SWI) package (Bakker and Schaars, 2005), which simulates three-dimensi...
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