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Reliability prediction for aircraft fleet operators: A Bayesian network model that combines supplier estimates, maintenance data and expert judgement
Kucuker, Faruk Umut; Yet, Barbaros (2022-09-01)
Reliability prediction is crucial for aircraft maintenance and spare part inventory decisions. These predictions are made based on operational data collected by fleet operators or design life estimates provided by aircraft...
Prioritizing Tanzania’s agricultural development policy to build smallholder climate resilience
Lamanna, Christine; Yet, Barbaros; Kimaro, Anthony; Shepherd, Keith D.; Jones, Kristal; Mayzelle, Megan; Nowak, Andreea; Salemo, Kate; Rosenstock, Todd (2021-07-01)
Effectiveness of intubation devices in patients with cervical spine immobilisation: a systematic review and network meta-analysis
Singleton, Barry N.; Morris, Fiachra K.; Yet, Barbaros; Buggy, Donal J.; Perkins, Zane B. (2021-05-01)
Background: Cervical spine immobilisation increases the difficulty of tracheal intubation. Many intubation devices have been evaluated in this setting, but their relative performance remains uncertain. Methods: MEDLINE, EM...
A Multicriteria Method to Form Optional Preventive Maintenance Plans: A Case Study of a Large Fleet of Vehicles
Guner, Gurkan Guven; Sakar, Ceren Tuncer; Yet, Barbaros (2021-01-01)
IEEEMotor vehicles are composed of a large number of parts, and planning the maintenance activities of different parts is a crucial decision that affects system reliability, operation costs, and capacity requirements of se...
Predicting the Outcome of Limb Revascularization in Patients With Lower-extremity Arterial Trauma: Development and External Validation of a Supervised Machine-learning Algorithm to Support Surgical Decisions.
Perkins, Zane B.; Yet, Barbaros; Sharrock, Anna; Rickard, Rory; Marsh, William; Rasmussen, Todd E.; Tai, Nigel R M (Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer Health), 2020-10-01)
Objectives: Estimating the likely success of limb revascularization in patients with lower-extremity arterial trauma is central to decisions between attempting limb salvage and amputation. However, the projected outcome ...
Evidence-based investment selection: Prioritizing agricultural development investments under climatic and socio-political risk using Bayesian networks
Yet, Barbaros; Shepherd, Keith D.; Rosenstock, Todd S. (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2020-06-01)
Agricultural development projects have a poor track record of success mainly due to risks and uncertainty involved in implementation. Cost-benefit analysis can help allocate resources more effectively, but scarcity of data...
Decision Support for Project Management by using Diagnostic Inference and Explaining-Away in Bayesian Networks
Yet, Barbaros (null; 2020-05-29)
Risk and uncertainty are natural elements of projects. A project manager has to manage these elements effectively to improve the chance of project success. Yet, well-known biases and heuristics about decision-making under ...
Early Identification of Trauma-induced Coagulopathy: Development and Validation of a Multivariable Risk Prediction Model.
Perkins, ZB; Yet, Barbaros; Marsden, M; Glasgow, S; Marsh, W; Davenport, R; Brohi, K; Tai, NRM (Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer Health), 2020-01-14)
The aim of this study was to develop and validate a risk prediction tool for trauma-induced coagulopathy (TIC), to support early therapeutic decision-making.
Sınırlı Sayıda Veri ile Güvenilirlik Tahmini: SARP Modeli
Küçüker, Faruk Umut; Yet, Barbaros (null; 2019-11-20)
Building Bayesian networks based on DEMATEL for multiple criteria decision problems: A supplier selection case study
Kaya, Rukiye; Yet, Barbaros (2019-11-01)
Bayesian Networks (BNs) are effective tools for providing decision support based on expert knowledge in uncertain and complex environments. However, building knowledge-based BNs is still a difficult task that lacks systema...
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