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The genus Lepidorbitoides evolution and its stratigraphic significance in some Anatolian basins Turkey

Altıner, Sevinç
Evolution of Lepidorbitoides in some flysch basins of Anatolia has been investigated considering the early ontogenesis in horizontal sections. Different developmental states of L. pembergeri, L. campaniensis, L. bisambergensis, L. minor and L. socialis have been described and illustrated with their morphometric features based on the earliest chamber arrangement. A correlation scheme of phylogenetic developmental states of Lepidorbitoides to the planktonic foraminiferal zones is also proposed. Populations with highly asymmetric quadriserial nepionts identified stratigraphically below the symmetric ones in Early Maastrichtian are thought to deserve a new status and attributed to L. bisambergensis asymmetrica n. spp. Orbitoides in common association with Lepidorbitoides has also been studied for the evolution of embryo- related parameters such as embryo size (Li + li), number of epi-embryonic chambers (E) and other embryonal features to correlate the phylogenetic developmental state of both genera.