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A pipeline for the ROTSE-IIId archival data

Gucsav, Bulent B.
Yerli, Sinan Kaan
Kiziloglu, Umit
Coker, Deniz
Dikicioglu, Elanur
Aydin, Mustafa E.
We have constructed a new, fast, robust and reliable pipeline to detect variable stars from the ROTSE-IIId archival data. Turkish share of ROTSE-III archive contains approximately one million objects from a large field of view (1.85 degrees) and it considerably covers a large portion of northern sky (delta > -25 degrees). The unfiltered ROTSE-III magnitude of the objects ranges from 7.7 to 16.9. The main stages of the new pipeline are as follows: Source extraction, astrometry of the objects, light curve generation and inhomogeneous ensemble photometry. A high performance computing (HPC) algorithm has also been implemented into the pipeline where we had a good performance even on a personal computer. Running the algorithms of the pipeline on a cluster decreases analysis time significantly from weeks to hours. The pipeline is especially tested against long period variable stars with periods of a few hundred days (e.g Mira and SR) and variables having periods starting from a few days to a few hundred days were detected.