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High-Performance Harmonic Isolation and Load Voltage Regulation of the Three-Phase Series Active Filter Utilizing the Waveform Reconstruction Method

Senturk, Osman S.
Hava, Ahmet Masum
This paper develops a waveform reconstruction method (WRM) for high accuracy and bandwidth signal decomposition of voltage-harmonic-type three-phase diode rectifier load voltage into its harmonic and fundamental components, which are utilized in the series active filter (SAF) control algorithms. The SAF-compensated system utilizing WRM provides high-performance load harmonic voltage isolation and load voltage regulation at steady-state and during transients compared to the system utilizing the synchronous reference-frame-based signal decomposition. In addition, reducing the line current sampling delay in the discrete-time implementation enhances the stability of the SAF. The simulations and experimental studies of a 10-kW three-phase SAF-compensated system prove the theory.