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Optimization of Baking of Rice Cakes in Infrared-Microwave Combination Oven by Response Surface Methodology

In this study, response surface methodology was used to design gluten-free cakes made from rice flour to be baked in infrared-microwave combination oven. Two types of cake formulations containing different types of gums were used in the experiments, which were xanthan gum and xanthan-guar gum blend. The independent variables were emulsifier content (0, 3, and 6% of flour weight), upper halogen lamp power (50, 60, and 70%), and baking time (7, 7.5, and 8 min). Specific volume, surface color change, firmness and weight loss of the cakes were determined for optimization. Cakes formulated with xanthan gum had better quality characteristics than cakes containing xanthan-guar gum blend. Cakes formulated with xanthan gum and 5.28% emulsifier and baked using 60% halogen lamp power for 7 min had the most acceptable quality.