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Size-based interactions across trophic levels in food webs of shallow Mediterranean lakes

Brucet, Sandra
Tavsanoglu, Ulku Nihan
Ozen, Arda
Levi, Eti Ester
Bezirci, Gizem
Cakiroglu, Ayse Idil
Jeppesen, Erik
Svenning, Jens-Christian
Ersoy, Zeynep
Beklioğlu, Meryem
1. Body size is a key trait of an organism which determines the dynamics of predator-prey interactions. Most empirical studies on the individual size distribution of the aquatic community have focused on the variations in body size of a single trophic level as a response to certain environmental variables or biotic factors. Few studies, however, have evaluated how individual size structure is altered simultaneously across interacting trophic levels and locations. Such comparative examinations of the size distribution in predator and prey communities may bring insight into the strength of the interactions between adjacent trophic levels.