Estimation of fracture relative permeabilities from unsteady state corefloods

A methodology to test the possible deviations of fracture relative permeabilities from straight-line relationship with saturation is discussed. It is shown that with matrix relative permeability data known, it is possible to obtain fracture relative permeabilities by history matching experimental data with double porosity numerical models output. Rather than linear saturation dependence, fracture relative permeability is a power law function of the corresponding phase saturation. The impact of several important parameters like double porosity formulation, capillary pressure and shape factor is discussed. It has been found that double porosity formulations (other than the double permeability model) could represent the flow in a fractured medium. (C) 2001 Published by Elsevier Science B.V.


Effect of temperature on heavy oil/water relative permeabilities
Akın, Serhat; Brigham, William E. (1999-01-01)
In the first part of this study, the accuracy of the JBN technique for the determination of heavy oil/water relative permeabilities, and the effect of temperature on relative permeabilities is examined by giving numerical as well as experimental examples. Using the JBN technique leads to a false temperature dependence of relative permeability curves. In the second part, we present unsteady state relative permeability experiments with initial brine saturation at differing temperatures conducted using South B...
Comparison of ML and MAP parameter estimation techniques for the solution of inverse electrocardiography problem
Erenler, Taha; Serinağaoğlu Doğrusöz, Yeşim; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2018)
This study aims to determine the cardiac electrical activity from body surface potential measurements. This problem is called the inverse problem of electrocardiography. Reconstruction of the cardiac electrical activity from the body surface potential measurements is not an easy task, since this problem has an ill-posed nature due to attenuation and spatial smoothing inside the medium between the source and the measurement sites, meaning that even small errors in the mathematical model or noise in the measu...
Eyüboğlu, Behçet Murat; WOLF, PD (IOP Publishing, 1994-01-01)
In order to measure in vivo resistivity of tissues in the thorax, the possibility of combining anatomical data extracted from high-resolution images with multiple-electrode impedance measurements, a priori knowledge of the range of tissue resistivities, and a priori data on the instrumentation noise is assessed in this study. A statistically constrained minimum-mean-square error estimator (MIMSEE) that minimizes the effects of linearization errors and instrumentation noise is developed and compared to the c...
Investigation of fracture behavior of steel/steel laminates
Şimşir, Mehmet; Öztürk, Tayfur; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2004)
A study is carried out into fracture behavior of steel/steel laminates both experimentally and through finite element analysis (FEM). The laminates produced by hot pressing consisted of low carbon and medium carbon steels with two volume fractions; 0.41 and 0.81. Fracture toughness, JIC has been measured using partial unloading technique assuming a critical value of crack extension. The technique is initially applied to monolithic material and then to the laminates in crack divider orientation. Evaluation o...
Modeling of asymmetric intermodulation distortion and memory effects of power amplifiers
Yüzer, Ahmet Hayrettin; Demir, Şimşek; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2011)
This dissertation is focused on developing a new passband behavioral model in order to account for asymmetric intermodulation distortion resulted from memory effect. First, a measurement setup is prepared to measure the AM/AM, AM/PM distortion, magnitudes and the phases of intermodulation (IMD) and fundamental (FUND) components which are created by the amplifier where phase is calculated only by measuring magnitudes. Then, responses of a sample amplifier are measured for different excitation situations (cen...
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