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A(P)/V-P specific inelastic displacement ratio for seismic response estimation of structures

Durucan, Cengizhan
Dicleli, Murat
In this study, two new site specific statistical equations are proposed to estimate the inelastic displacement ratio, C-1 of structures subjected to far fault (FF) and near fault (NF) ground motions. The proposed equations consider the effects of fundamental vibration period of the structure, T, lateral strength ratio, R and frequency content of the design earthquake record represented by the A(p)/V-p ratio (or T-0=2/A(p)/V-p), which is a function of the earthquake magnitude, distance to fault, faulting mechanism and site class. It was observed that the C-1 values obtained from the proposed equations are in good agreement with the calculated results. The flare of the plotted C-1 vs. T/T-0 curves enables the proposed equations to cover nearly all the calculated C-1 data range and give satisfactory results. However, the curves obtained using the C-1 equations of several codes and those available in the literature do not cover the whole calculated C-1 data range and generally give unconservative results (smaller C-1 values) especially in the shorter period range. For the longer period range, the predictions of C-1 obtained from the proposed equation and the ones available in the literature are in good agreement with the calculated C-1 data. Copyright (c) 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.