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Self-composite silk fibroin membranes for guided bone regeneration: 1 material 3 architectures with intrinsic integrity
Atila, Deniz; Gürses, Senih; Tezcaner, Ayşen (2024-06-01)
Silk fibroin (SF) takes attention in tissue engineering due to unique features, e.g., excellent biocompatibility/biodegradability with superior mechanical/thermal properties despite its lightweight. Guided bone regeneratio...
The effect of foot somatosensory loss in postural control during Functional reach test in patients with diabetic polyneuropathy: A controlled study
Kahveci, Abdulvahap; Cengiz, Berat Can; Alcan, Veysel; Gürses, Senih; ZİNNUROĞLU, MURAT (2024-06-01)
Background: In patients with diabetic polyneuropathy (DPN), differences in postural control due to losing the lower limb somatosensory information were reported. However, it is still unclear by which mechanisms the dynamic...
Effect of dynamic soil-structure interaction modeling assumptions on the calculated seismic response of railway bridges with single-column piers resting on shallow foundations
İmamoğlu, Çağrı; Dicleli, Murat (2024-06-01)
In this study, the effect of dynamic soil-structure modelling assumptions on the calculated seismic response of railway bridges with single column piers resting on shallow foundations is investigated. For this purpose, 10 ...
Methods to improve antibacterial properties of PEEK: A review
Uysal, Idil; Tezcaner, Ayşen; Evis, Zafer (2024-03-01)
As a thermoplastic and bioinert polymer, polyether ether ketone (PEEK) serves as spine implants, femoral stems, cranial implants, and joint arthroplasty implants due to its mechanical properties resembling the cortical bon...
Spatiotemporal Evolution of Toddlers’ Regional Foot Pressure Distribution and Center of Pressure at Antero-Posterior Axis During Learning of Standing
Pourreza, Elmira; Yaradanakul, Naci Barış; Cengiz, Berat Can; Camurdan, Aysu Duyan; ZİNNUROĞLU, MURAT; Gürses, Senih (2024-01-01)
We investigated quiet stance of newly standing toddlers every three months (trimesters) of their second year of life. Their anteroposterior center-of-pressure (CoPx) velocity and centroidal frequency (CFREQ: 2.36 6 0.10 to...
Development of Aerodynamic and Propulsion Models Using the Iterative Equation Error Method
Millidere, Murat; Akgül, Ferhat; Leblebicioğlu, Mehmet Kemal; Whidborne, James F. (2024-01-01)
For developing high-fidelity flight simulations, an accurate and complete representation of the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft is necessary. To obtain a realistic aerodynamic database, system identification me...
Development and validation of a digital twin of the human lower jaw under impact loading by using non-linear finite element analyses
Demir, Osman; Uslan, Ibrahim; Büyük, Murat; SALAMCI, METİN UYMAZ (2023-12-01)
Mandibular fractures are one of the most frequently observed injuries within craniofacial region mostly due to tumor-related problems and traumatic events, often related to non-linear effects like impact loading. Therefore...
Novel barium-doped-baghdadite incorporated PHBV-PCL composite fibrous scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
Sadreddini, Sanaossadat; Jodati, Hossein; Evis, Zafer; Keskin, Dilek (2023-12-01)
Bioceramic/polymer composites have dragged a lot of attention for treating hard tissue damage in recent years. In this study, we synthesized barium-doped baghdadite (Ba-BAG), as a novel bioceramic, and later developed fibr...
A novel modular shallow mounted bollard system design and finite element performance analysis in ensuring urban roadside safety
Apak, Mustafa Yurdabal; Ergün, Murat; ÖZEN, Halit; Büyük, Murat; Yumrutas, Halil Ibrahim; Ozcanan, Sedat; Atahan, Ali Osman (2023-11-01)
The safety of risky roadside zones such as kids' playgrounds, schools, bus stops, petrol stations, critical roadside facilities, and pavements are becoming a significant worldwide problem. This study focused on the roadsid...
Bioprinting of bioglass-alginate/carboxymethyl cellulose for bone tissue engineering
Tahmasebifar, Aydin; Baran, Erkan Türker; Yilmaz, Bengi; Pazarçeviren, Ahmet Engin (2023-10-01)
Bone regenerative medicine requires suitable substitutes that promote osteogenesis. Most of the bio-macromolecular hydrogels are promising because they are biocompatible and biodegradable, but their viscoelastic properties...
Boron nitride nanofiber/Zn-doped hydroxyapatite/polycaprolactone scaffolds for bone tissue engineering applications
Turhan, Emine Ayşe; Akbaba, Sema; Tezcaner, Ayşen; Evis, Zafer (2023-05-01)
In this study, Zn doped hydroxyapatite (Zn HA)/boron nitride nanofiber (BNNF)/poly-ε-caprolactone (PCL) composite aligned fibrous scaffolds are produced with rotary jet spinning (RJS) for bone tissue engineering applicatio...
Additive manufacturing of hexagonal lattice structures: Tensile tests and validation
Ture, Mustafa Okan; Evis, Zafer; ÖZTÜRK, FAHRETTİN (2023-04-01)
In this paper, different hexagonal lattice structures of the tensile test specimens were designed, manufactured by additive manufacturing, and tested in three different lengths. Moreover, flat shape tensile test specimens ...
3D porous bioceramic based boron-doped hydroxyapatite/baghdadite composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
Jodati, Hossein; Evis, Zafer; Tezcaner, Ayşen; Alshemary, Ammar Z.; Motameni, Ali (2023-04-01)
Making composite scaffolds is one of the well-known methods to improve the properties of scaffolds used in bone tissue engineering. In this study, novel ceramic-based 3D porous composite scaffolds were successfully prepare...
Diatom silica frustules-doped fibers for controlled release of melatonin for bone regeneration
Deniz Dalgic, Ali; Atila, Deniz; Tezcaner, Ayşen; Gürses, Senih; Keskin, Dilek (2023-03-15)
Sustained release of a bioactive agent from a tissue engineering scaffold is one of the most common strategies to improve regenerative potential of the construct. However, depending on the chemistry of the agent, achieving...
Nuclear Deformability of Breast Cells Analyzed from Patients with Malignant and Benign Breast Diseases
Antmen, Ezgi; Ermiş Şen, Menekşe; Kuren, Ozgur; Beksac, Kemal; Irkkan, Cigdem; HASIRCI, Vasıf Nejat (2023-03-13)
Breast cancer is a heterogeneous and dynamic disease, in which cancer cells are highly responsive to alterations in the microenvironment. Today, conventional methods of detecting cancer give a rather static image of the co...
1D reference V-S profiles compatible with ground-motion prediction equations developed for Turkey
Ertuğrul, Zehra (2023-03-01)
V-S30, time-averaged shear-wave velocity over the top 30 m of the site profile is the parameter that mainly governs site response functions in ground-motion prediction equations (GMPEs). Although the use of V-S30 as a main...
Improvement of bioactivity with dual bioceramic incorporation to nanofibrous PCL scaffolds
Altunordu, Gercem; Tezcaner, Ayşen; Evis, Zafer; Keskin, Dilek (2023-03-01)
Bone tissue injuries, diseases or related clinical interventions require bone tissue engineering (BTE) approaches for regeneration of large bone defects, especially for compromised situations. Most BTE applications in lite...
Injectable methacrylated gelatin/thiolated pectin hydrogels carrying melatonin/tideglusib-loaded core/shell PMMA/silk fibroin electrospun fibers for vital pulp regeneration
Atila, Deniz; Keskin, Dilek; Lee, Yuan-Ling; Lin, Feng-Huei; Hasirci, Vasif; Tezcaner, Ayşen (2023-02-01)
Use of injectable hydrogels attract attention in the regeneration of dental pulp due to their ability to fill non-uniform voids such as pulp cavities. Here, gelatin methacrylate/thiolated pectin hydrogels (GelMA/PecTH) car...
Comparative seismic behavior assessment of a new damper-equipped and conventional chevron-braced frames
Milani, Ali Salem; Dicleli, Murat (2023-02-01)
This paper presents the results of experimental studies performed on three 1/3-scale steel building frames for comparative assessment of the cyclic behavior of a Chevron frame equipped with a newly-developed damper, THDF (...
Effect of pile orientation on the fatigue performance of jointless bridge H-piles subjected to cyclic flexural strains
Karalar, Memduh; Dicleli, Murat (2023-02-01)
This paper explores the effect of pile orientation on the low cycle fatigue (LCF) performance of steel H–piles (SPs) at jointless bridge (JB) abutments via experimental testing and finite element simulation. The experiment...
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