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Observations of temporal group delays in slow-light multiple coupled photonic crystal cavities

Kocaman, Serdar
Yang, X.
McMillan, J.F.
Yu, M.B.
Kwong, D.L.
Wong, C.W.
We demonstrate temporal group delays in coherently-coupled high-Q multi-cavity photonic crystals, in an all-optical analogue to electromagnetically induced transparency. We report deterministic control of the group delay up to 4× the single cavity lifetime in our CMOS-fabricated room-temperature chip. Supported by three-dimensional numerical simulations and theoretical analyses, our multi-pump beam approach enables control of the multi-cavity resonances and inter-cavity phase, in both single and double transparency peaks. The standing-wave wavelength-scale photon localization allows direct scalability for chip-scale optical pulse trapping and coupled-cavity QED.