Aydin, M. M.
Alpdundar, E.
Gürsel, Mayda


Interleukin-28 gene polymorphisms may contribute to HBsAg persistence and the development of HBeAg-negative chronic hepatitis B
Karatayli, Senem C.; Bozdayi, Mithat; Karatayli, Ersin; Ozturk, Tugba; Husseini, Abbas A.; Albayrak, Rabia; Ozkan, Muhip; Kalaylioglu, Zeynep; YALÇIN, KENDAL; Cinar, Kubilay; İDİLMAN, RAMAZAN; Yurdaydin, Cihan (Wiley, 2015-03-01)
Background & AimsAim of this study was to investigate whether a potential association exists between several single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of the IL-28B gene (rs12979860, rs1188122, rs8099917, rs8105790, rs12980275) and HBsAg persistence. Further, a potential effect on the development of HBeAg-negative CHB vs. inactive HBsAg carrier state was assessed in a genotype D HBV cohort. A cohort of chronic HDV patients was also used to see if they behave differently compared to chronic HBV patients.
The ethnobotany of wild food plant use in the Konya Basin: a quantitative and ethnoarchaeological approach
Tsetsekos, Aylan Erkal; Doğan, Musa; Department of Archaeometry (2006)
In this ethnobotanical study, an ethnoarchaeological approach was adopted for the archaeological implications of the importance of wild food plants and their dietary uses in the Neolithic and Chalcolithic Periods in Central Anatolia by exploring the dietary uses of these plants by the modern villagers of Konya Basin. The study was based on the indigenous knowledge of the modern villagers of Konya of managing wild food plant resource in their surroundings for the dietary uses. This knowledge was explored thr...
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M. M. Aydin, E. Alpdundar, M. Gürsel, and K. C. AKÇALI, “REVERSING THE PROGRESS OF LIVER FIBROSIS USING MEMBRANE VESICLES SECRETED FROM COMMENSAL BACTERIA,” 2014, vol. 60, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: