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A numerical taxonomic study of the genus Acantholimon Boiss Plumbaginaceae in Ankara Province Turkey

This study examines whether a satisfactory classification of Acantholimon Boiss. (Plumbaginaceae) species found in Ankara province (Turkey) can be obtained from phenctic clustering based on external vegetative and floral morphological characters of both herbarium and collected specimens, The study is on the following species: A. venustum Boiss., A, halophilium Bokhari., A. acerosum (Willd.) Boiss., A. kotschyi (Jaub. & Spach) Boiss., A. confertiflorum Bokhari., A. glumaceum (Jaub. & Spach) Boiss., A. casareum Boiss. & Bal., A. puberulum Boiss. & Bal., and A. ulicinium (Jaub. & Schultes) Boiss. For each species twenty-five morphological characters were scored and data were subjected to numerical taxonomic analysis. The results of the present study suggest that for Ankara province (Turkey) there are basically three subsections (Caryophyllacea Bunge., Halophiliacea Muvaffak & Dogan, and Androsacea Bunge) which can be grouped under section Tragacanthina Bunge. Subsection Halophiliacea Muvaffak & Dogan is described for the first time.