We study the ideal triangulation graph T(S) of an oriented punctured surface S of finite type. We show that if S is not the sphere with at most three punctures or the torus with one puncture, then the natural map from the extended mapping class group of S into the simplicial automorphism group of T(S) is an isomorphism. We also show that, the graph T(S) of such a surface S. equipped with its natural simplicial metric is not Gromov hyperbolic. We also show that if the triangulation graph of two oriented punctured surfaces of finite type are homeomorphic, then the surfaces themselves are homeomorphic.


On the arc and curve complex of a surface
Korkmaz, Mustafa (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2010-05-01)
We study the arc and curve complex AC(S) of an oriented connected surface S of finite type with punctures. We show that if the surface is not a sphere with one, two or three punctures nor a torus with one puncture, then the simplicial automorphism group of AC(S) coincides with the natural image of the extended mapping class group of S in that group. We also show that for any vertex of AC(S), the combinatorial structure of the link of that vertex characterizes the type of a curve or of an arc in S that repre...
Automorphisms of curve complexes on nonorientable surfaces
Atalan, Ferihe; Korkmaz, Mustafa (2014-01-01)
For a compact connected nonorientable surface N of genus g with n boundary components, we prove that the natural map from the mapping class group of N to the automorphism group of the curve complex of N is an isomorphism provided that g + n >= 5. We also prove that two curve complexes are isomorphic if and only if the underlying surfaces are diffeomorphic.
The Lie algebra sl(2,R) and so-called Kepler-Ermakov systems
Leach, PGL; Karasu, Emine Ayşe (Informa UK Limited, 2004-05-01)
A recent paper by Karasu (Kalkanli) and Yildirim (Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics 9 (2002) 475-482) presented a study of the Kepler-Ermakov system in the context of determining the form of an arbitrary function in the system which was compatible with the presence of the sl(2, R) algebra characteristic of Ermakov systems and the existence of a Lagrangian for a subset of the systems. We supplement that analysis by correcting some results.
On the finite perimeter sets of sub-Lorentzian metric spaces
Çetin, Günseli; Sarıoğlu, Bahtiyar Özgür; Department of Physics (2022-8-25)
In this thesis, inspired by the recent progress on sub-Riemannian geometry, a method of determining the finite perimeter sets of sub-Lorentzian manifolds independent of the original metric structure is suggested and a possible version of Riesz Representation theorem is discussed.
Modeling of the nonlinear behavior of steel framed structures with semi rigid connections
Sarıtaş, Afşin; Özel, Halil Fırat (null; 2015-07-21)
A mixed formulation frame finite element with internal semi-rigid connections is presented for the nonlinear analysis of steel structures. Proposed element provides accurate responses for spread of inelasticity along element length by monitoring the nonlinear responses of several crosssections, where spread of inelasticity over each section is captured with fiber discretization. Each material point on the section considers inelastic coupling between normal stress and shear stress. The formulation of the ele...
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M. Korkmaz, “ON THE IDEAL TRIANGULATION GRAPH OF A PUNCTURED SURFACE,” ANNALES DE L INSTITUT FOURIER, pp. 1367–1382, 2012, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/36334.