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Installation of the METU Defocusing Beamline to Perform Space Radiation Tests

Demirköz, Melahat Bilge
Efthymiopoulos, Ilias
Poyrazoglu, Anil Berkay
Seckin, Caner
Uslu, Pelin
Celik, Nazire
Bulbul, Besna
Albarodi, Abdulrahman
Akcelik, Selen
Orhan, Yusuf
Avaroglu, Akanay
Kilic, Erinc
Saral, Caglar
Duran, Selcen Uzun
Yigitoglu, Merve
METU Defocusing Beamline (DBL) is being installed at TAEA SANAEM Proton Accelerator Facility [1] for radiation tests of electronic devices to be used in satellites and spacecrafts which are exposed to a high radiation dose in space or at the Hi-Lumi LHC [2]. 15 - 30 MeV protons from the accelerator are spread out over an area of 15.40 X 21.55 cm to provide large irradiation in accordance to ESA/ESCC No. 25100 standard with METU-DBL. A wide selectable flux menu ranging from 10(5) - 10(10) p/cm(2)/s will be available to users starting in summer 2019. The final design has been updated with the experience gained from the pre-test setup installation [3] and the ensuing irradiation campaign with different users [4]. In this paper, magnetic measurement results of a custom design quadrupole magnet, as well as updates to the mechanical, robotic and control subsystems are presented.