Analog Electronics

Basic single-stage transistor amplifiers and frequency responses. Multi-stage amplifiers. Feedback in amplifiers. Differential pair stages. Current mirrors. Operational amplifiers. Power amplifiers. Power supplies and regulators.


Effect of Grey Wolf Optimization on THD of 3-Phase Voltage Source Inverter with Selective Harmonic Elimination Base
Nalçacı, Gamze; Ermiş, Muammer (2019-01-01)
Harmonics can be characterized as components with periodic waveforms having multiples of a fundamental frequency. Harmonics, one of the most critical issues of power quality, have recently come into prominence despite being known in advance. Many scientists and researchers have suggested various methods for decreasing or eliminating these low-order and high-order harmonics since the early time of the ac power systems. Selective Harmonic Elimination Method (SHEM) in the proposed methods is shown superior per...
MEMS based multi-channel piezoelectric acoustic transducer for fully implantable cochlear implants
Yüksel, Muhammed Berat; Külah, Haluk; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2020)
This thesis presents multi-channel acoustic MEMS transducer that is able to work within the audible frequency range (250-5500 Hz) and mimic the operation of a cochlea by filtering incoming sound. This transducer is composed of eight thin film piezoelectric cantilever beams possessing different resonance frequencies. The transducer is well suited to be implanted in a middle ear cavity with an active volume of 5 x 5 x0.6 mm3 and 4.8 mg. Resonance frequencies and piezoelectric outputs of the beams are modeled ...
Millimeter-Wave Frequency Reconfigurable Slot Dipole Array with Packaged RF-MEMS Switches
Gokalp, Nihan; Aydın Çivi, Hatice Özlem (2009-03-27)
This paper presents a frequency reconfigurable slot dipole array operating at millimeter-wave frequency band. Dual frequency operation of the array is achieved by using commercial packaged RF-MEMS switches. RF-MEMS switches located on the dipole arms control the electrical length of the slot and enable dual frequency operation.
Design and realization of broadband instantaneous frequency discriminator
Pamuk, Gökhan; Yıldırım, Nevzat; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2010)
n this thesis, RF sections of a multi tier instantaneous frequency measurement (IFM) receiver which can operate in 2 – 18 GHz frequency band is designed, simulated and partially realized. The designed structure uses one coarse tier, three medium tiers and one fine tier for frequency discrimination. A novel reflective phase shifting technique is developed which enables the design of very wideband phase shifters using stepped cascaded transmission lines. Compared to the classical phase shifters using coupled ...
Cmos LNA design for system-on-chip receiver stages
Telli, A; Askar, M (2004-09-10)
In this study, narrowband single-ended inductive source degenerated Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) for "System-on-Chip" receiver stages have been designed, simulated and compared using Mietec CMOS 0.7 mu m process and the Cadence/BSIM3v3 tool with active or L-biased DC-bias circuitries. Since there is an intension to use LNAs for GSM and S-band low earth orbit (LEO) space applications, the operating frequencies have been chosen as 900MHz, 2025 MHz and 2210 MHz.
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