Systems Thinking

Güven, Çağlar
Inquiry and research. Methods of science. Fundamental systems concepts and notions. Systems thinking as a mode of inquiry; historical and methodological account. Contrasting and clarifying the systems position vis-à-vis science. The relation between systems thinking and operational research. Principal stains of systems thinking and the systems approaches.


Evaluating learning management systems: Hexagonal e-learning assessment model (HELAM)
Ozkan, Sevgi; Koseler, Refika; Baykal, Nazife (null; 2008-12-01)
A considerable amount of research has been conducted on evaluating success of information systems. However, there has been little research addressing the conceptualization and measurement of elearning systems success within educational organizations. Evaluation of information systems within the growing e-learning sector is currently receiving attention, and this research study proposes a conceptual e-learning assessment model, HELAM (Hexagonal e-Learning Assessment Model). HELAM has been applied to 23 e-lea...
Intergroup relations in a changing political context: the case of veiled and unveiled university students in Turkey
Hortacsu, N (Wiley, 2000-09-01)
The present study investigated (a) the underlying dimensions of different measures related to identification , categorization, ingroup, bias and contact conditions, and (b) relations between two groups related to an important social controversy over time. Questionnaires were administered to veiled (minority) and unveiled (majority) Turkish female university students during the fall of 1996 and the spring of 1998. Results of factor analysis revealed three factors, namely: tolerance, including percieved outgr...
Performance based assessment of number of equivalent uniform cyclic stress scheme
Altıncı, Eray; Çetin, Kemal Önder; Department of Civil Engineering (2019)
Assessment of cyclic (seismic) response of soils is considered to be one of the most interesting research areas of geotechnical engineering. Cyclic loading-induced stresses cause accumulation of shear strains and generation of excess pore water pressure, which are accompanied by reduction in stiffness. In the most extreme cases, this process leads to soil liquefaction. As opposed to the random nature of earthquake waves, it is generally preferred to apply uniform loading cycles to undisturbed or reconstitut...
Variational Bayes methods for random matrix-based extended target tracking
Tuncer, Barkın; Özkan, Emre; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2022-2-10)
In this thesis, we investigate two major topics; Random matrix-based models using variational Bayes inference for extended target tracking and shape classification algorithms for tracking applications. In the scope of this thesis, we have derived two novel random matrix-based tracking algorithms. First, to represent the extent of dynamic objects as an ellipsoid with a time-varying orientation angle, and secondly, to estimate the extent of the object or a group of objects with more than one ellipsoid. In bo...
Kavas, Aysenur Bueyuekgoeze (2009-03-01)
The current study investigated (a) the relationship between self-esteem and health-risk behaviors and use of cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs, and (b) the gender differences in self-esteem and health-risk behaviors among a group of 243 late adolescents (124 males, 119 females) using a cross-sectional survey design. The age range of the participants was 17 to 24 with a mean age of 20.43 (SD = 1.21). Participants completed the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale and a self-report questionnaire including items about dem...
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