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Duran, Serhan (2)
Güven, Çağlar (2)
Köksal, Gülser (1)


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2009 - 2009 (1)
2010 - 2011 (4)

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Financial and Management Accounting
Duran, Serhan(2011)
Basics of financial accounting. Preparation of balance sheet, income statement and flow of funds statement. Inventory valuation and depreciation methods. Basics of accounting. Definition of costs. Absorption cost technique...
Systems Thinking
Güven, Çağlar(2011)
Systems Thinking
Güven, Çağlar(2010)
Inquiry and research. Methods of science. Fundamental systems concepts and notions. Systems thinking as a mode of inquiry; historical and methodological account. Contrasting and clarifying the systems position vis-à-vis sc...
Engineering Economy And Cost Analysis II
Duran, Serhan(2010)
This course is mainly concerned with economic analysis for engineering and managerial decision making. It consists of techniques for evaluating the worth of prospective projects, investment opportunities and design choices.
Total Quality Management
Köksal, Gülser(2009)
This course is designed to give students fundamentals of Total Quality Management with emphasis on contemporary quality planning, control and management approaches, implementations and criticisms.
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